Here are two resources you are going to want to view - both are local within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - one has to do with the inventory numbers and the other has to do with the Santa Clarita median sales prices for Single Family Homes.REMAX offices in Santa Clarita CAClick here for the current inventory for the Santa Clarita Valley by City.This is where I have build the pricing pages for each Santa Clarita City.We have also just completed our Market Updates - our Bi Monthly view of the Santa Clarita real estate inventory and those other "real estate" activities that are constantly occurring around all of us.We did talk about the Good Neighbor Next Door Program.Due to our LAPD Backgrounds and a large part of our real estate client base being Educators, Teachers, LAPD Officers, Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies and Highway Patrol Officers, we have been the "go to" with regard to this 50% off program by HUD.

I have placed the current prices and inventory graph below for your viewing pleasure.  This one happens to be for the City of Valencia in the Santa Clarita Valley.  You can adjust the graph back to the height of the Valencia CA real estate market.  It's interesting to view the most current real estate data, not just for today, but when you can compare it with the past.