Do you have real estate questions - about a home, property, town-home, condo or anything?

How about questions about what other's have told you when you have wanted to buy or sell a home?

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Those are great questions and we have a couple of doozies that are contained today within our Santa Clarita real estate daily show.

Corporate Relocation and HR departments:

Have you ever wondered if some HR departments (human relations), with corporate America pay for the relocation expenses of their CFO's, CEO's, CMO's and other titles requiring three digits?

It's true - In fact, some of the Toppers of the world get a lot paid for.

Typically how it works for the real estate agent, when wanting to tie up with a HR department and get those Executive real estate leads, is they pay a service.

A service that is already dug in like some type of Relocation Referral System. That Relocation Referral business, then will advise the "subscriber" of the lead and the lead's contact information.

It is then up to the Realtor, the one that has joined their system to obtain Corporate Relocation Leads, to contact and compete with other agents that are part of the same Executive relocation lead service.

Notice of Defaults and NOD's:

Something else we talked about had to do with NOD's - Notice of Defaults and the "why behind those". Are those properties and real estate listings that someone would actually be able to buy at some point.

I talked about "someone" needing to be defined. Most are going to be headed to a distressed sale of some sort, either foreclosure - the way of the short sale or the way of auction/bulk sale.

Depending on who the owner is(the human component), will depend on the outcome. There are also certain banks that are not as "willing" to allow some sellers to short sale their homes/condo's/town-homes.

However, that is totally case to case dependent and, strangely enough, could depend on the contact person at the specific banks - go figure.

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Final Word - make sure you are hiring the best in the real estate business. Look around the World Wide Web and see who is local and who is going to call you back or even answer your call in short order.

It's always a pleasure giving our daily intel and please let us know when you are ready to help you with your real estate needs.

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