Talk about anattention grabbing headline. Point being, there is a lot going on in the realm of content marketing.  Permission based marketing, not interruption marketing as most in the real estate industry will do.

We teach other real estate agents to be on the cutting edge of technology.  When people ask the question on Google - be the one that has the answers in your local market.  Don't knock on the unsuspecting homeowners door.  Don't call without permission to those that you "think" may want to buy or sell a home.  Don't fill up people's mailboxes with your marketing materials.  Market by handshakes, wearing a name tag and by "Hugs a Plenty!"

Today, is the advent of our 4 thousandth blog post.  We want to write about those topics people have questions about.  Here are a couple that we have posted most recently that may be of service.  Completed by Video Presentations on our Self-Hosted Santa Clarita Real Estate Intel video platform.

Let us know what you think.