You can tell a lot about a person when you first meet them by looking at their shoes.  I have always been one to look at shoes, what are they wearing.  Yoti did not seem like one of those that buys the first thing he sees.  I could tell he was one that type of person that time when making any decisions in life.  I thought to myself, during the interview, that his clients were Blessed to have him.

BEST Santa Clarita photographerHe talked about his Grandfather and welled up a couple of times when his mind was remembering the exact moments from the past.  There were lots of learning experiences with his Grandfather at the helm.  A couple of Generations apart - those were from that place in time where businessmen knew how to treat people.

I see a different Generation being displayed in Yoti, which cannot be duplicated within his industry of Photography.

We are glad he came onto our Radio Show today and we hope you enjoy the show with Yoto the Photographer, as much as I did doing it.

BTW - He took that photo above with my iPad - Better than my usual :)

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