Integrity and Trust in Santa Clarita real EstateWhen it comes to searching for the open houses in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and within the Greater Los Angeles areas, we have your hook up.

In fact, we have many people that use our Santa Clarita CA Open Houses website because they don't want to tie up with a realtor or real estate salesperson.

They want to search for the open houses, go during the times they are allowing viewing, and approach the agent hosting those open houses and ask questions.

However, most are in for a big surprise, the agent hosting the open house many not be the listing agent and that agent may be more "full of pressure" than if they would have hired their own realtor to show them real estate listings and do the searching for them.

I get this more than you may know. The last thing I would want is a real estate agent getting their tines into me and making me feel uncomfortable or pressures.

This trait seems to stem from a majority of the real estate sales people in the world today.

The last thing you need is to be is "pressured or rushed".

You need a real estate team that is willing to meet with you and develop a real estate game plan.  click here to find out more about our real estate game plan.

We conduct these meetings in our office where we discuss many of the various aspects of purchasing real estate.

We start with the questions to ask the agent you are going to be dealing with. If it's us, we cover those topics that are most talked about by the savviest real estate buyers and sellers. We then get into the questions you should be asking to the other vendors in real estate, to keep safe.

RE MAX of Valencia CA - The Paris911 Team looks to serve their clients above and beyond anyone else in the Santa Clarita real estate industry.

Thanks for watching and let us know when you are ready to MOVE.