Vet the open houses in Santa ClaritaShowed some GREAT clients yesterday. While driving around on Sunday, I was explaining that during some of the open houses being hosted, those homes are not actually for sale.  I went into the explanation that some are "testers", others are being used for "lead generation" only, some are just in escrow, already sold for all intensive purposes, those "open houses" are being used to gain leads.

They were a bit taken back from the "truth" with advertising and marketing in real estate, but they understood.

We were finished, close to writing an offer, but they needed time to think about it.  I understood totally, as Paris is fond of saying, "You are not buying a pair of shoes..."  They left my office.  In about 15 minutes the phone calls started, excitement, they found a GREAT home in Stevenson Ranch.  They went in and the agent was all over them.  They called me, I then called the agent, the agent said his broker wanted him to do some pre-marketing by staging this open house in order to build a "interest list".  

The Moment of Truth...

"If my clients liked the home", I asked...  "If they wrote a full priced cash offer at this very moment", I continued... "Would they get the home you are hosting open as if it is for sale?"...  The line was quiet, he then said, "No, because the home is not on the market yet..." -Game 1

The next phone call I received a came a few minutes later.  From another open house.  I ran the address and found that this one was in Escrow.  I called the agent, Pending Status, they said they had given permission to another Realtor to host it open.  I asked, "Are you pretty confident with the buyers that are in place?" - She responded, "They are Solid Gold..."  -Game 2

The final "Double Tap", came at the final open house.  My Clients entered, and encountered the agent.

The agents sternly advised my clients they needed to sign in.  My Clients said that they just wanted to look at the home and they were already working with "Connor MacIvor".  The agent explained that they still needed to sign in and said, "You wouldn't tell a business owner how to operate his business would you?"  Helloooooo - Equal Housing - That is a law or something :)...

My Clients explained they did not want to give up any of their personal information.  The agent then responded that they would not be able to look at the home.  My clients left and called me.  I have a better idea, why don't you get "official" Identification from each visitor and copy them....  (sarcasm) - it saddens me to think that A Seller is going to "cut out" buyers because then want to track who was visiting?

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Seller - today is not the market, nor is any type of market, for that type of "hard" stance.

Truth be told I'd imagine that the agent is attempting to build their client list and database. This is sad and should be confronted. While your viewing of real estate should be cookies and cream, never hostile or where you'd feel uncomfortable, it happens. Just say you are Connor MacIvor and all will be okay :)

Seeing real estate signs at homes which are not for sale...

Enjoy our real estate blog for The Santa Clarita Valley and let me know when you are ready for my real estate service, representation and protection. I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX and I'm Glad to be of service to you and yours.