LAPD and Open Houses

Coming from an LAPD background has certain privileges   That Training is second to none.  Going through the police academy back in 1990 was not easy.  Those that went to academy's with the LAPD before that will tell you that they had it ever harder.  OMG - I bet those that went through in 1942 were tortured :)

Another thing this training prepared us for is hosting open houses.  The interesting thing about open houses is that the agent does notSanta Clarita sellers real estate listings for sale know who's visiting.  It could be a cute couple that wants to get into your jewelry boxes, watch drawer or change jar...

Asking for ID at open houses :)

It could also be your neighbors.  In fact, it will be your neighbors, most of them :)  However, what is to stop your real estate agent from letting in everyone that wants view the home?  Nothing at all.  When an agent is advertising an open house - they can "mandate" people to sign in, at your "the sellers" request.  That is a smart move, but what if someone does not want to sign in?  How do you know they are using their real names?  What about checking their identification?  It can get quite extreme - if you are going to allow your agent to host your home as being "open", school them.

Hey, the game is on...

Don't let your agent sit on the couch, with a beer, bag of chips and the game playing on your big screen.  They should act like they are working a dinner party, where your home is the guest of honor.  They should be working the room while keeping track of everyone coming and what rooms they are visiting.  The BEST open houses are done by at least two Real Estate agents.  What is why we have a team in place with three buyers agents, two team leaders and a licensed assistant, we have our clients open houses manned by at least two licensed "team members".

Why Multiple - It's better...

In this way, we can monitor the activity and make sure those visiting the open house are not stealing from the trusting sellers.

If you are looking for all of the Open Houses being held in the Santa Clarita valley cities.  All you have to do is go to Santa Clarita open houses dot com. That is one of our sites that will show you every single open house that is going to be help open in our Santa Clarita valley and in the rest of Southern California.

Tell your Realtor:

Here is a open house tip.  When wanting to venture out without your real estate professional, make sure you tell them that you and yours are going to be hitting the open houses on such and such a date.  That way your Realtor can best prepare you for the games being played at open houses and how to keep yourselves protected.  It's not like you need to buy and wear ballistic armor - but you do need to keep your signing things down to a minimum :) = Talk soon and let us know when you are ready to talk about who to hire to represent you in the selling of your Santa Clarita Home.