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Find real estate on facebookWe are about the clients and their needs on FaceBook.  We post our Santa Clarita Updates on FaceBook for those that like our Page.  Most recently we have talked about the real estate market.  The home prices rising in Valencia CA and some of the other Santa Clarita Cities amongst other "Real Estate topical" issues.

We also have commented on our price point pages and graphs that will render the most current "median" price statistics for the Cities within the Santa Clarita Valley.

In the recent past we talked about Short Sale games and how not to accept bad advice when a Realtor tells you that a Short Sale is the best thing for you to do with a "distressed" clients circumstances.

Before too long we should be at a level of 400 people liking our FaceBook Page.  Some are other real estate agents, which goes to show you that we have good relationships amongst our fellow real estate agents.  We have also had a lot of our clients join into the discussion about real estate related topics in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Per the Terms of Service of FaceBook, one should not pimp their Businesses or Products on their personal FaceBook Pages.  That is something that Paris and I agree with whole-heartily.  One of the things that turns off our clients faster than a Lightning bolt hitting a transformer is other agents that are constantly talking about how Busy they are and how much business they are doing.

When someone asks how we are doing, we say "It could always be worse..."  There is something to be said about the Self-less Self Promotion and constant boasting that some do on their personal FaceBook Wall.  That something is that "Is Ridiculous".

Please, if you are on FaceBook - find our Page that is titled Paris911 FANS and like us.  We promise never to disavow the privilege of your Liking our Santa Clarita Real Estate FACEBOOK page.

There are a lot of Real Estate Business Pages that have been built on Facebook - including one for our Santa Clarita Real Estate brokerage - REMAX of Santa Clarita and the other for REMAX of Valencia CA.  We strive to be different and render intel and advice that keeps our clients safe from harm when dealing with the "Real Estate Machine".