Valencia Summit Newsletter March 2019

We just received the final draft of the Valencia and Santa Clarita real estate newsletter for March 2019. Within there are some good nuggets of real estate information pertaining to the Valencia Summit area which is Arroyo Parkway to Del Monte to McBean Parkway.

I spoke about the increase in real estate activity that we have been seeing since the Holidays are behind us. Mid-January of 2019 seemed to be the "kick-off" point pertaining to the heightened buyer drive for the local Valencia and Santa Clarita housing market.s

I also talked about important Exposure is to a home seller and should not be sacrificed by a smooth and fast talker that is there to not give you what you deserve as a real estate and home seller.

Every Dollar - posted 20 Insanely Simple Tips - this relates to how you can save money implementing technology to shop for goods and services.

However, the article misses how some of us like to shop in person so we can use our tactile senses in conjunction with a product. I would venture to say that if someone had the ability to open up a Video Rental Store, it just may make a come back. There are a lot of people that don't mind the movie rentals etc online - but there was something about standing and looking and flipping over boxes in the video store.

Remember that?

Kristen Mae of Lifehacker talks about how to get your kids motivated to clean their rooms using something she calls the "mountain method". I like that idea - pile up everything in the center of the room and work on the "mountain" until there is nothing left. I remember my dad's method - "Son, clean your room..." - and I did, crazy how things have changed :)

Yanic Simard of Houzz - Talked about decorating living rooms within our latest newsletter. Now, if you are living in the home without intention to sell and are wanting to re-decorate because of entertainment and comfort purposes - good on ya. If you are considering selling and want to make the living room POP - this article serves both masters.

Love Letters - Dear Seller Letters.

We have gotten more real estate offers accepted when writing offers on behalf of our home buyers when we have them implement this strategy.

Love Letters - aren't just for dating, they are for sellers too.

The thing while we tell our Santa Clarita home buyers has to do with the balancing of the letter. Don't lean too hard on the seller expecting more than money is worth.

Sellers are typical, with little exception, wanting the most money for their home. However, when all things are equal across the board, a love letter for the home seller that you scribe can press the scales in your favor.

We have had some sellers also respond in mass favor and give the love letter more weight than money, that's rare, an exception, but we have seen it.

When items such as financing types are varied within the offers that the home seller has on their table, after countering and responding, the love letter may push a seller to accept a home buyer that has a lesser desired type of financing as part of their offer for the seller's home.

Buyer to Seller love letters can also work when it comes to the down payment amounts being lesser on the buyer's side which is implementing the seller love letter strategy.

Read our Buyer Love Letter article

Within the article, I explain the exact layout of a buyer love letter.

First and Foremost - The Photo.

Yes, you need a photo. A family type photo is awesome. If you have action shots of you and the others, that may be helpful also, but nothing X rated or too crazy.

When considering what to write, know your audience, the best you can. You can know them by asking your agent what their intention is after they sell their home. Maybe they are relocating to Hawaii and maybe you have family in Hawaii, see the commonality you can bring up in the letter?

It only takes a phone call from your agent to the seller's agent to find out some "insider information" that you can use in your buyer love letter to the home seller.

Enjoy the Newsletter. We work in all of the Santa Clarita Valley and within the Greater Los Angeles areas representing buyers and sellers of homes and real estate. When you are ready, just reach out to me directly and I'll protect and serve your real estate needs.

Be awesome and talk soon. Connor MacIvor - REMAX Gateway and Santa Clarita Realtor 661.400.1720