Santa Clarita mello roosIf you are considering purchasing a home, condo or town-home in the Santa Clarita Valley, you have probably heard of mello roos.  They exist to pay for the various schools, Fire Services, Emergency Services and bonds for various infrastructures.

The question asked of one of our Clients was the following, "Connor, can you tell me when the mello roos tax will be paid off???"

You pose a GREAT question.  The way it works is that all Mello Roos tax and special assessments are dependent on a specific duration.  Those Durations are usually explained in periods of years.  Typically starting from the time construction starts on a specific tract or area.  Some are 10 years, 15 years, and 20+ years.  

This is where it gets tricky...  When you get to the end of those terms, there is ***small print that exists.  The small print basically states that if the mello roos are going to come to an end, all of the beneficiaries have to be contacted.  The Beneficiaries of Mello Roos are typically Schools, Fire Departments, Emergency Services and Bonds for various infrastructures.

The Beneficiaries are then asked if they need the assessments / mello roos to continue... I am not sure I remember a time when any of the mello roos ended in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We advise our clients - to accept the mello roos/special assessments are going to stay with the home being purchased for a nondescript period of time, to be safe.
Be Safe and thanks for reading.  Make sure you are getting the best advice.  Remember, Mello Roos and Special Assessments Taxes are not mandatory fields - or can be filled out by choosing the "unknown" field within the Multiple Listing Service.  You will want to get with a local agent and have them inquire to their title rep - having them pull the tax roles for the various properties, you are interested in, to be sure.