Santa Clarita master mindYesterday, Tim Blankenship and I sat down for a couple of drinks and some light dinner.  Actually, the dinner we had at Lazy Dog was unbelievable   If you have not had the BBQ chicken sandwich - we both would recommend it.

We do this every couple of weeks whether we need it or not.  And I can tell you that we do need it :)

Talking shop is always great, especially when it is with someone that is as hungry for knowledge as you are.

Another "great point" that we realized last night was the fact we were not in each other's industry.

Tim does Legal Document Prep and Assistance.  I do Real Estate.  Together we are the legal divorce doc assistance and home selling team :)

Not really, we have not named what we are, but we are friends for sure.

Last night we were thinking of ways we can help other local business owners where it would be a win-win for everyone involved.

So we came up with our own version of the famous Master Mind Group.  We will meet with another local Business Owner and talk shop.

Bring your problems and your desire to obtain more "permission based" clientele from the internet.

We will bring ours and together we can develop solutions together - plus have some drinks and great dinner.  (did I tell you about that sandwich - it was incredible...) :)