Santa Clarita real estate inventory going down during January 2020Good day everyone, Connor T. MacIvor here. If you have a chance to check out two awesome articles that are definitely ruffling some feathers in the real estate community, access them here.

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Watching and monitoring the current real estate activity in the Santa Clarita Valley cities is how I'm able to offer my clients the best knowledge and experience as their real estate representative.

Now - what has been happening during holidays in Santa Clarita real estate? Not much. the market slowed down a couple of weeks before Halloween in October 2019 and has not been the same since.

What I mean by slowing down is the numbers of listings dwindled and fell to an all-time low in December 2019. The home buyer drive had also slowed down with non-reaction by potential home sellers who wanted to wait until the Spring of 2020 to release their homes onto the market for sale.

We are getting closer to the spring, and as I deduced, breaking into January has not helped with inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Here is a quick break down of the past 7 days of Santa Clarita real estate activity:

  • New listings 19
  • Price changes 13
  • Back on Market homes and estates 5
  • Active Under Contract listings - 20
  • Pending properties 10
  • Sold homes 18
  • Expired listings 1
  • Properties placed on Hold do not Show 2
  • Withdrawn Listings - 1

Current Santa Clarita real estate inventory

  • Castaic - 27
  • Canyon Country - 86
  • Newhall - 30
  • Saugus - 59
  • Stevenson Ranch - 12
  • Valencia - 82

That's 296 and that is unbelievably low.

December 23, 2019, I reported that we had just over 500 active listings for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

I cannot wait until the Spring Rush for homes and real estate. 

Stay tuned to the Santa Clarita home experts radio show and I will keep you posted as to what the next best thing will be in Santa Clarita real estate and home events.

A couple of items that have come up, which you may have seen before, is the Santa Clarita home expert newsletter. This one is hot off of the presses and if full of great information pertaining to real estate.

The top item that we talked about this month to all our newsletter recipients is the growing issue with agents failing to meet the basic standard to be real estate agents. They don't meet with their clients to discuss the happenings related to buying and selling homes before the pen gets pressed against the paper.

That is a massive disconnect between agents and those who are wanting to conduct a real estate transaction. 

What I did was put that information into our newsletter with a link to our Santa Clarita home Experts calendar

Here is the PDF link for a glimpse of our February 2020 Santa Clarita home expert newsletter.

The Santa Clarita home experts newsletter February 2020