We have a new Search Entry point to the right of this post.  Santa Clarita real estate for saleWith all of the misinformation being publicised on the interent - mostly from those with something to gain, such as money - It's nice to be able to search the real Multiple Listing Services Data.  

There are only two ways in which to get the actual MLS data sent to you.  Hire a real estate agent.  Give them your criteria and they will start sending you listings directly from the MLS.  If you want to search on your own - you are going to have use a system that Realtor has an IDX agreement with.

If your agent does not have a place that you can search for real estate and rentals that are currently for sale and from the Boards of Realtors data - Get yourself another agent.  I apologize ahead of time to be so crass - but Isn't the agent's job to give Value First?  If they are not going to front the cost for IDX - somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 bucks a month, I take issue with that!

It is not costly, it just takes time to get all of the "approvals" required to start to publicize the data on their website.

Where is the Santa Clarita real estate market on this Fine June Day?  See below - click on the inventory photo to see it in it's full and beautiful rendering stemming from our IDX agreement!