Today we did a large update to the Home Page of  The Paris911 and Associates Real Estate Website for the Santa Clarita Valley real estate community.  We went into detail with what we write on a daily basis.  We positioned all of our Blog access points with explanations and what our "motivation" is by publishing so much content about the Questions our Buyers and Sellers have.

Anyone can answer a real estate question, but to be able to validate their "motivation" with factual data - that is an entirely different story. With hiring an independent research firm that is driven by Real Estate Data - we have stepped up yet again to the requests of our Exclusive Clientele.  To gain access to this Data - we have a few pages that we have built rendering the current "median Sales Prices" for the Cities within the Santa Clarita Valley.  Another data driven real estate page has to do with the Local Santa Clarita Inventory.

When wanting to purchase real estate - looking at median sales prices and inventory can be an indicator to assist you with your decision.  Today, in the Santa Clarita real estate market, we are seeing strong indications of a "supply and demand" issue. This is creating buyer apprehension and seller elation. Make sure you are getting good advice about buying and or selling real estate from someone that is in the game full time.  Someone that has a track record of production and client satisfaction.

Here is the most recent "inventory" for the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.  We have also placed the listings that have other status changes on this graph as well.  If you are curious as to what the different real estate statuses are  - click here for a complete list.

Graph showing the current real estate view for Santa Clarita Cities