Where are the Santa Clarita cities today? How much have we seen this market change over the past year?  All sources can agree that we have seen the Santa Clarita real estate market increase over the past year.  2012 was the great equalizer.  We have watched our market adjust to some of the greatest price increases we have seen since 2007 and we will continue to see those types of adjustments during the year in 2013.

With most of the REO - Real Estate Owned shadow inventory behind us and the banks opting to sell their REO listings at Auction rather than deal with them as Foreclosures - real cash money will be the winner during this coming year.

The Paris911 Team in Santa Clarita - Remember itWe have some of our typical Seller Listings, those that are equity based, to contend with.  We have found that when they are priced right - they are given full price with no contingencies in place by the buyers buying them.

Cash investors are still in the local real estate market, offering full price, or exceeding the price points forgoing the appraisal contingencies.  However, we are watching as the 20% down real estate buyers are also prospering if they are working with the right SCV agent.  The same goes for FHA and VA buyers in the current Santa Clarita market.  While their offers are not accepted as an easy task - they are accepted dependent on the relationships established between real estate agents and the local RE teams.

We for-see the prices continuing to increase throughout 2013 if the fiscal cliff is averted   However, that will take a miracle and the powers that be to get along for the first time in a long time.  Time will tell for sure and you can read about those snippets of the real estate news on our Santa Clarita real estate daily show.

Taking into account how difficult is it to get a buyer accepted when it comes to real estate that is for sale.  Also couple that with the lack of inventory in the Santa Clarita cities, Buyers and Sellers have quite a feat to overcome in this coming year.  

Make sure your real estate agent is keeping you up to date with the changes in the real estate market.  In addition, make sure your real estate agent is monitoring all of the current real estate news sources from the National Association of Realtors and from their local board of realtors.

This will be paramount to a successful 2013 for both buyers and sellers.

Today we did some writing on the new listing practices that are dissuading most buyers of real estate within our valley.  We are seeing that some of the listings are selling before they even hit the MLS - there are reasons for this - but the main one is that the sellers have been convinced that the buyer brought forth by the listing agent is the BEST available.  I could not for one say if our buyer is the BEST, until we market a listing to every buyer, whether ours or not.  That listing has to be placed in front of every single buyer via the local board of Realtor's Multiple Listing Service.

Without that, there is no way of knowing for sure if the real estate seller is actually going with the BEST buyer available.  Also, make sure you are not getting tied up in one of those "I'll sell or it or I'll buy it" scams. There is a lot of small print and this is a mechanism to capture some of the short sale sellers in our Santa Clarita Valley.  Be Safe and always hire the best in real estate representation that you can find.

You can start your search by Googleing some of the local real estate agents.  Have a look at where our team is located on Google.  Just type into the Google Search bar the words "Santa Clarita real estate agents" to see where we fall.  You can also google "Paris911" directly to see what we are writing about and what we have to offer buyers and sellers of real estate.

Please share and let us know when you are ready to interview our real estate team.  We are there for our clients and have been since 1998.  2013 is a new year for us and we will be proud to present some of the best in real estate technologies that can be found anywhere.

Below are the most recent market updates for the Santa Clarita housing market. We have broken each PDF down by city.  Each PDF will give you the most complete intel as far as what real estate is selling for in the Santa Clarita cities by Quartile.  Have a look and please share and life.  Talk soon.

Valencia real estate market reports with housing trends

Stevenson Ranch real estate market reports with housing trends

Saugus real estate market reports with housing trends

Santa Clarita real estate market reports with housing trends

Newhall real estate market reports with housing trends

Castaic real estate market reports with housing trends

Canyon Country real estate market reports with housing trends

If you want reports such as these for Santa Clarita real estate - all you have to do is head over to the Paris911 Main site for Santa Clarita real estate and type the word "reports" into the macBoX at the top of the screen.  It's easy, It's fun and it won't cost you a dime.  Be Safe and search well.  Reminder - Never head into real estate without the BEST Santa Clarita Realtor you can find.