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Santa Clarita real estate market updatesBlessings to all of you who are here to find out how the market is doing. And Blessings to all of you looking for something else, you may have just found what you have been looking for.

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I'm Connor MacIvor with eXp Realty of California, Inc., That is a new change, but I believe it will be quite good when the dust settles.

I have been hard at it for my real estate sellers and buyers. This week we had several virtual showings of real estate for a couple of clients on vacation and two relocation clients. 

This market is super tough for homebuyers in the Santa Clarita cities. This includes those homes that are within the "sweet spot" range of housing prices.

The Santa Clarita sweet spot is viewed as those single-family homes that are at least 3 bedrooms with between 1600 and 2400 square feet priced below 900k.

Those homes last on the market only during the weekends in which they are being shown.

However, as of late I have seen a definite slow down in the SCV market. Instead of having 20+ offers submitted, we are seeing much less. The homes are still selling as fast, but with fewer offers written.

It could be that the home buyers are not wanting to compete as much, but if they want to buy a home, they are going to have to play the game for the time being.

I don't like this market to be honest. I'm happy for our home sellers, they are selling their houses at all-time highs. But the market has become expensive, to say the least. I own real estate here and of course, I'm happy, but when you are on the buyer working end in real estate, you cannot help but feel frustrated for your buyers.

There are buyers in this market who are removing all of their contingencies out of the gate. When they write their offer, they have submitted another document that states that the buyer "hereby removes all contingencies". 

For my buyers, to take that very bit step, it's not a good fit. Basically, that means, if they cancel for any reason, at any time, their deposit is forfeited and becomes the property of the seller. Of course, on the surface that is what it means. If people attorney up, it could change things, or delay that process. But, it's a very aggressive move for a home buyer who does not know anything about the home.

The buyer walked through the home with their agent. They looked everywhere they could. Some of the unknowns that could thwart their aggressive move are insurance claims. Maybe the owner has had a lot of insurance claims. The location of the home, Flood Zone, Fire Zone, Etc.. There could be mold that is not visible. There could be liquefaction, or a slope that needs reinforcing, or other issues, liens, and title issues. 

If you are a home buyer who is removing everything out of the chute - just be careful and make sure you are doing in knowing fully the implications. I'd say most of the time it works out without any issues. But, it's that one time that causes all the unnecessary pain and conflict when things go sideways.

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