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Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (00:00):

Good to everybody. I am Connor MacGyver, Santa creates a home expert, not common. I wanted to talk to you people out there that are looking to rent or lease properties and how to stay safe in this market. When the regular resale market gets really tight like it is now where at the end of July, July 30th, 2021, the resale market's really tight. The rental and lease market also gets exceptionally tight. And that's where we see. So we have very little inventory in the regular resale market. Very little inventory. For those of you that are just looking to rent or lease something, maybe your lease is coming due. Maybe you're moving in from out of the area. It's very, very difficult. So there are options out here in Santa Cruz, the idea of extended stays, but you know, really pricey, right? Because you're paying, you know, three or $4,000 a month.

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (00:44):

And again, it's kind of like, um, you know, hotel living, if you will just not as high of a scale, but they do charge quite a bit for it. Another suggestion, believe it or not. Some of the bigger hotels, the Hiltons, the Hyatts, those that are a mostly higher dollar, you might actually get to see them being somewhat competitive with those extended stay type places. If you're looking for something temporary, while you're trying to find an actual rental that you can sign a lease for a year or six months or two years or three or whatever it is, but to keep safe, I will tell you this, there are some online systems out there that are basically put together by scammers. And what they're trying to do is they're trying to get you to give them money in order to give access to maybe a list of special rentals, things that are not on the market, they might be asking for money upfront in the form of deposits.

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (01:35):

So instead of actually having, maybe you write a check, they say, we're only taking cash deposits for this particular property because of the popularity. And our seller wants to make sure that the funds are all verified and they just don't have time to do it themselves. So that's kind of the game and the scam. So number one, never give any proper hope. It didn't blow yours out without one. So I hit the mic, make sure you don't give a cash deposit, cash deposits are dangerous. And they're going to have this elaborate system. They're going to have receipts. They're going to have official-looking business cards, but all of it's going to be a scam. So be very, very careful giving anything in the form of cash. Now on the other side of that, you know, checks yeah, credit cards again, you know, they're going to have your credit card number.

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (02:16):

They're going to have all that information. And what's the, if there are scammers and they're doing it to get some money from you at the moment, they might also use that credit card later or sell it or whatever. So again, you have to be very, very careful. So what I'm saying is this, you need to find out who this person is. Is this person a licensed real estate agent with an actual California department of real estate license number working under an actual broker? Or are they a broker themselves? Do they have their own company? Who are they? Are they the uncle of a friend of somebody that happens to know the person at the house? Are they just some scammer that was browsing? The multiples found this particular rental popped on this morning and said, you know what? I'm going to go make myself some business cards.

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (02:58):

I'm going to go to Kinko's or wherever, whatever print shop gets. Some cheap business cards may have been on property manager, fake address, fake phone number. And then I'm going to go ahead and go get a fake recessed receipt book. So it looks official maybe with a briefcase, nice outfit and so on. And then I'll place an ad on one of the real estate websites or a Craigslist type Backpage type websites. I'm going to put out there, Hey, listen, I'm going to be interviewing people for occupancy of this particular rental. It's a great deal. And they put a number on it. That's incredibly an incredibly awesome deal. And then you go out there and you respond to the property. There's a force, bazillion people, and they're taking cash deposits. Of course they have extra envelopes and they're writing receipts out and they're making sure, and they're getting social security, numbers, dates of birth.

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (03:43):

I mean, you're giving up all of your personal information, the stuff that is very easy for an identity theft artist to take and to use against you. I mean, from now until the end of time, it's hard to crawl out from under that Rob, once you get put there. So be careful. So the question is then who you're dealing with. So if you're seeing advertisements in the newspaper, there's not any enforcement mechanism. So that question is who is this person? Is it the actual owner of the property? And if you don't know, then you can do a quick title search through your local real estate agent and find out who the person is. But you're going to have to ask them some, maybe uncomfortable questions. You know what? I need to see a copy of your driver's license. So I know that I'm not about to get taken and they're going to say, well, there are 50 other people that want this property, so I don't need to provide that to you.

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (04:28):

Okay? So that's a good indication. This is a scam. So don't worry about it. Just walk away. You saved yourself from that bullet, just walk away and start somewhere else. It could be that you ask them to give you verified information and they give you a business card. They say, oh yeah, here I am researching it. And you go online. You go to the department of real estate website for the state of California. You punch in the number, you do a licenser. Sure enough, name matches. The brokers match everything. Well, they just went and got those business cards printed up. So what they should have is they should have a department of real estate card shows for the state of California. This should match. So you can ask them for that. You know, I appreciate you have your business card, but I'd like to see your California state ID for your department of real estate. They should show it to you. In fact, they kind of have to show it to you, that's to verify who they are. And if they don't then walk

Speaker 2 (05:16):
Away, you know, and the phone,

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (05:18):
We have this technology with pictures and cameras and stuff, you know, if you're dealing with

somebody that seems a little,

Speaker 2 (05:26): A little

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (05:28):

Questionable snap, a picture, if they're driving a particular car to this property where they're accepting these cash deposits, take a picture of it. If they're not allowing under the property to walk through well,

that's, that's a problem. You should be able to go and look at the property as well. Especially if they're sitting in the car out front, and I'm only referencing this from a couple of years ago where we had some clients go, uh, Woodland Hills and they, the, the person wouldn't let them into the house. They say, well, it's the tenant occupied, but I wanted to meet everybody here so I can get everybody straight and explain the process and how we're going to deal with these cash deposits and so on and so forth. And the cash deposits weren't aligned. It was basically the money to run a credit report. And I really, even at a posit, but to run the credit report and do some other paperworks, I think it was a hundred bucks each.

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (06:09):

So it's not so much money that you don't want to give it. But when there's, you know, 50, 60 people there, you know, this guy is making, you know, 5, 6, 7, $10,000 just in an afternoon, scamming people and never find them again. So why don't you find out who this person is? If they are a licensed real estate agent, you can probably feel pretty secure because they have an actual written contract with these people. If the property is being posted in the multiple listing service, which is going to be, you're going to find that on sites, syndication sites like Redfin, Zillow, they should have rentals. And Lisa's as well. If it's in there, then more than likely it's, it's validated because it's, you can't really get in there unless it's going through the board of realtors and through the multiple listing service and the board of realtors has an enforcement arm.

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (06:54):

So if Connor MacGyver tries to put in some kind of a fake listing to get extra money leads or to fraud the public Connor MacGyver, isn't going to be a licensed agent, very long Connor. MacGyver's probably going to go to jail. So that being the case, I kind of know that source. Also, once you track down the individual that has the listing, the one that says, they're the point of contact, you will find out who they are. And like I mentioned earlier, they are a licensed agent or they are just something relative is the actual owner of the property. And you can do that. As I said earlier, as well, by a title search to find out if they really are. And if they say that, you know, my name is Omar Sharif, and I have this property listed for sale. And you ask them, Omar, you're the owner probably.

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (07:32):

Oh, yes, I'm the owner property owner for years. That's why I'm doing the landlord thing. And I'm going to rent it out. You're on the title. And you find out that it's John Smith in the title. So how do we get John Smith out of Omar Sharif? I don't know, but it's probably a good indication for you to walk away where you'll find them as the multiple listing service. There are some companies out there, property management type companies, all they do is property management. They don't do any resale. I think those are kind of the safest companies to go through because there's no other interest in it for them except to provide their landlords, the people that trust them to lease out these properties, to find them, tenants. When you have a company that also does real estate resale also represents buyers and sellers, then you have, which could be a conflict of interest. So if somebody comes up to me and says, Hey, Connor, I want to rent a place what's to prevent Connor from saying, well, have you ever thought about buying? We should check that box and see what's going on. Well, I just pulled

Speaker 2 (08:32): A tenant,

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (08:34):


A possible tenant away from my landlord and brought it back to me to go sell them something. The same thing on the other side, if I'm playing property manager and I have people coming to me, wanting me to rent out their homes, maybe I around file a lot of the applications we get from people that want to rent it and go back to them and say, this just isn't the market, your house. Isn't going to rent. Why don't you let me sell it for you? We'll get you out from under the burden because I know that you haven't been able to, you've been basically paying out of savings to make your mortgage payment. So that's that game. So watch out for that as well. So there's a lot I'll have to look out for, again, I like the property management companies, and call me, I don't know for you to a lot of different entities here in the Santa Clarita valley, that that's all they do is property management.

Connor MacIvor exp Santa Clarita home experts (09:20):

The things that you're going to see on Zillow and for the most part are going to be done by agents that don't just do property management, but also do residential real estate resale. And they also represent buyers. So, you know, feel, feel that out. Also newspaper ads, online ads, the online systems for advertising, recycler magazine, all that stuff. Just, just be careful to understand there is not an enforcement mechanism. There, there is no validation. It just basically has the thread. If you do this, you don't, won't be able to publicize anything in this newspaper. Again, that doesn't hurt anybody. It's not as painful as you're going to go to prison for 50 years. I'm Connor MacGyver. If you're looking to buy or sell real estate, that's what we do. You're looking to rent or lease. We don't do that primarily. However, I can at least grease the skids for you a little bit and maybe make the proper introductions for you. But at the end of the day, I will not be that representative that helps you. I can guide you, give you a lot of advice when you're ready to buy or sell when Lorde or tenant. Don't forget me. Love to help. And I'm here. If you have any more questions, pick up the phone. Call me (661) 400-1720 I'm Connor McCarver. Thanks for watching. We'll be safe. You'll be safe. I'll be safe to over and out.