Not likely when it comes to wanting to keep our clients updated with the latest in real estate news.

However, today, we want to pitch our wares.  The Paris911 team would like to show you a few (three) new resources that may help you on your quest to get the best real estate intel, find a rental  or search with our MacBoX.Sellers of Santa Clarita Valley real estate

Santa Clarita Housing Market

That is where we posted up one of our latest dot com's.  Santa Clarita Housing market dot com. When you arrive you will see our Altos Research maps, displaying the cities within the Santa Clarita Valley.

You can see where the current price trends are at a glance.  Within those trusty widgets, you will also be able to differentiate between the prices and inventory within all of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

We also posted up a resource for Los Angeles County - bottom right.  Have a look through the data for the Santa Clarita Valley.

Santa Clarita rentals and leases

We don't do rentals :) - However, we do love to help.  So hence our Santa Clarita real estate rentals website.  It's is a new addition to our Santa Clarita dot com arsenal.  We have posted all of the MLS - Multiple Based Service - Rentals in Southern California.

To view any one of them, just click on the green balloon.  When you do, you will be transported to a system that will be equipped with a larger map and more "changeable" fields.

Be Safe and search well.  BTW - we can make the connection to someone that does "rental and lease" representation for you.

We are Re-Sale, New Homes and Buyer/Seller representation only :( - When you are ready to embark on that type of journey - let The Paris911 Team at REMAX Realtors know.

Don't neglect the MacBoX

It's a search engine and we have posted up a quickie with regard to how to use it and why our Real Estate/Business MacboX was developed.

This one is at - the others were taken.  Our's is not a product for sale - but a service oriented piece of code.

Dreamt by me and built by Danny - our MacboX is a place where I can reference for our clients to get the rest of the story within our video's, radio shows and podcasts.

BE safe - talk soon and let us know when you are ready for our help.