When we speak with our clients about Santa Clarita homes for sale, we have to ask some questions so we can all be on the same page.

Of course, some agent's don't take the time to listen to their clients, which creates a bad reputation for us all.

Listening is important. When a client talks about having children in private school in another city, I'm thinking maybe they want to relocate to a home in a city that has their kids attend a blue ribbon public school in Valencia CA with no "private school" premium.

When a client explains that his husband has to drive all the way to Los Angeles every day, I am thinking that they may want a home that is close to a freeway onramp.

When a Santa Clarita home for sale client explains that they are all about walking and physical fitness, I hear they want to buy a home close to a gym and the paseos (walking paths) in a Santa Clarita Valley City.

When they talk about being foodies - I then consider the size and amenities of the kitchens that I have seen in the current housing inventory.

Entertaining? I'm thinking about some of the expansive yards that I have been viewing with my clients as of late.

There is always something that I'm thinking when listening to my clients. I want to make sure I have their needs right. However, if I'm too busy running my mouth telling them how great I am, I will miss something and come off as arrogant.

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Today is not the time for arrogance in the Santa Clarita housing market. Now is, as always has been, the time for humility and gratitude when working with someone who chooses you to be their real estate representative.

Another aspect we obtain feedback on from our Santa Clarita homes for sale clients is the fact they run into listings that say they are for sale but aren't.

This is worth a completely different article itself. I will break the surface here of what is happening.

The most likely culprits of finding homes that appear available for sale, but aren't, are the real estate syndication websites.

Figure it this way. If you make your living by operating a website that sells leads to real estate agents, you may "bend the rules" and show homes that aren't for sale, gleaning they may be for sale.

The typical Santa Clarita home visitor does not think this kind of trickery exists, nor do they think it's useful. They give up who they are and you just made money from them being tricked.

This the same premise regarding the functional operation of some of the Real Estate syndication websites.

We always suggest to our real estate clients to stick with our real estate website. It's set up to be functional and work for all of our Santa Clarita home clients. I mandate it's up to date and updated every several minutes with all of the multiple listing service inventory.

No particular listing has more weight, more exposure, everything is there by price, bedrooms, bathrooms, city, and neighborhood.

I have also enabled our Santa Clarita home site to be SSL Encrypted. With all of the wire fraud going on in the world, this is the least what I could do to keep my real estate clients safe when searching on SCVnest.com.

There is always a chance that you will see listings on some other website that are not associated with SCVnest. My instruction to my clients is for them to send them to me. Send them and I will vet them and give you the truth about their status.

90% of the time we are seeing that some websites are touting foreclosures and bank owned real estate listings as being available and for sale. When I give our clients that data showing the "real truth" about one of these listings it's very eye-opening.

The Santa Clarita Homes that are for sale are available online broken down by the city of interest.

However, if you are not sure where you want to live and the differences between cities, this is why we have our crash course on real estate.

This is how we operate with each of our Santa Clarita home clients. We sit down, or over the phone, relay the various city dynamics. I explain where the "good deals" are and how to acquire them. When it comes to the other "parts" of the real estate vendor checklist, I cover the following:

  • Lenders - how to get your best deal on a home loan and how to pay less in an interest rate. Should you be using a credit union, or can the mainline bank can a broker be your best deal? What about the special deals, grants, and incentives? Does it matter if your lender works 9a-6p at a bank versus a broker?
  • Home Inspectors - how do you select one? Are there differences in home inspectors? How much does a home inspector cost? What does a home inspector do and why do I need one?
  • Escrow - What is escrow? Who chooses escrow? What are escrow's duties? Should I sign what escrow sends me without having it clarified? Should I wire money when they ask or double check first?
  • Pest Control - What do the termite inspectors do? Are there differences between various termite and pest control companies? What is a termite clearance and how do I get one?
  • Closing - When do I get the keys? What should I be doing to prepare to be a new homeowner? What is the final walk through and why is it important?

There are so many more things that get spoken about in our meetings with clients. I want my clients able to make their real estate decisions based on fact not conjecture or because I'm telling them to do so.

Some of the other decisions involve orientation of real estate. As mentioned, are homes closer to freeway access points preferable? Maybe a Santa Clarita home with a private pool is something that is needed or desired.

What about Santa Clarita homes that are for sale by owner. How are those homes accessed and why does it matter to a home buyer?

With so many choices, it all starts with a phone call, email or text message. Choosing between condos, townhomes and single-family homes are harder choices to make, versus asking the question of your Santa Clarita Home Expert.

A lot of choices are going to come down to the price range. It's easy for me to tell you where you can "afford" to buy if you are qualified, and want to spend $500,000.00.

I can give you the size of the home, a home that has the amenities we discussed and which one has advantages and those which will have better resale value in the future.

Speaking of resale, it's important to make the switch in your mind to that of an investor. Of course, you are going to be living in the home, but most likely you are going to be selling it someday.

When looking at the Santa Clarita home, if you can have the mindset of an investor, you will look at the homes for sale differently. This is good and I help my clients make this transition. For example, if you are buying a home to have a home installed, you may want to re-think that strategy.

Unless you are going to be living in your Santa Clarita home for the full extent of the mortgage and will be enjoying your swimming pool, you may never get your money back when selling it.

So hence a better strategy to find a home that already has the pool installed. Find Santa Clarita homes with pools.

There are a lot of questions that people have when approaching Santa Clarita homes.

Now, let's take a moment to speak about the Santa Clarita home seller. These folks may have buying needs, for they may want to upsize or downsize. It could be that they are relocating out of the state to greener pastures.

No matter what their individual or family reasons, Santa Clarita home sellers need answers to their questions.

First things first, they will be wanting to have an idea as to what their homes are worth. What will their home sell for today? What various adjustments will they have to make in order to allow their home to be competitive with others that are currently for sale, - Them vs. the competition and how that plays out.

Remember when I spoke about the issues with searching online with a non-SCVnest real estate website? The same applies to the owners of Santa Clarita homes that want to find out their home's value.

Those same real estate syndication websites are going to be taking any personal information and they will be selling it. You may say that you are only giving up your address, you sly person you...

That's enough to get your snail mail USPS box filled to the brim and not only by real estate agents.

That personal information is going to be sold to various companies that pay for it, think home improvement companies, moving companies, grocery store chains, contractor lead generators, and more.

Then God Forbid you every associated your home address with your email within a nonsecured online platform. And May He forbid further if you at any time game up your personal phone number.

I bet you that your phone will start ringing by the spammers and those who want you to select the "right" agent. Your text messages and email will also start to get a 'new influx' of spammed content.

Of course, it does not stop there. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms will also start populating with real estate ads, teasing you to click through.

If you are interested in Selling Santa Clarita homes make sure you only use a local source like SCVnest - the systems in place are MLS connected and on SCVnest there is no other that will be in contact with you, only me - Connor T. MacIvor.

I hate spam as much as the next person. I don't like the 10-20 spam calls a day trying to sell me home improvement contractors and other's that want me to validate my Google real estate listing. Both are spam and Google has never called anyone.

Selling a Santa Clarita home is about exposure. Marketing and advertising a home listing where others will not, don't have the ability to, or cannot.

When you have a real estate website, like SCVnest, that is ranking along with the big real estate syndication websites, who have more money than can be imagined, we are able to get our Santa Clarita home seller's listings at the top of the search results.

Who's listing is the first to roll off of my tongue? My Santa Clarita home seller's that's who.

When I first got into the real estate business I was still a cop. Paris was the full-time end of our Santa Clarita home business. She made sure our clients were well protected and covered before, during and after the home buying process. Today, we both work head to head with our Santa Clarita home buyers and sellers.

There are differences between Santa Clarita home agents. I hope by reading this article and the others that are on our Santa Clarita real estate blog, you can see what that difference happens to be.

Since 1998, we have been there to be of great assistance with our Santa Clarita home clients and we will be here for you and yours. Make sure we make the interview, we have a lot to offer you. Be safe.