Some people aren't looking to buy real estate. They are Life Renters. They don't want the commitment and renting makes more sense to them. There are others that are still saving money or waiting to gain employment that will support a home mortgage.

I have always offered our services to those Renters that want to be tenants and obtain Santa Clarita homes for rent.

Here is one thing that does make us different than those "other property managers". We, ourselves - Paris and I, are not property managers. We only represent home buyers and home sellers in the purchase and sale of their residential real estate.

The next natural question that comes, "Then how do you help prospective tenants?"

This is what I do, with just "helping" in mind. I give Intel and convey knowledge gained being around rentals and leases since I stated in real estate, 1998.

Also, what I learned about the "games" being played to make renters and tenants give up unnecessary money in the way of deposits and their personal information for the purposes of being spammed.

Ultimately, when those of you are ready or want more information about being property owners, I'll be here. If you know anyone that needs an ultra qualified real estate agent, I'm here for that referral also.

The Rental and Leasing Games

Back in the last real estate depression, we had some of the foreclosure assets that the bank was wanting us to list and sell for them get "taken over" online.

Websites like the online newspaper portals, "Craigslist", "Backpage" and others had criminals advertising foreclosed homes as being for rent or lease.

The other way they'd do it is by driving around or inquiring about pre-foreclosures and others within the online portals. They would then target those homes where the previous tenants/homeowners had moved out and where the property was vacant.

Part of their pre planning defrauding strategy was a trip to a local print shop. Like a Kinkos, they'd have some business cards printed up identifying them as self-proclaimed property managers.

They'd print up some fake receipts for deposit and other paperwork that makes them look like the real deal and start their advertising.

""Applications" for the home that is located at the corner of Walk and Don't Walk will only be taken on December 3rd, at the property. If your application gets accepted, you will then be able to view the property in person and still be able to cancel if it does not meet your needs with your deposit money which will be refunded to you."

Of course, this was standing room only. The "interest" checks that will be applied to the deposit, if accepted, were to be made out to an individual, supposedly the property owner's name.

That "name" proved to be the person with the fake business card's real name. The name on their business cards was not their real name. The unknowing renters/leasers were hopeful and did not know they were being scammed.

A couple of things. Asking for a person's ID is not unreasonable. Not being to view a property inside should also have been a red flag.

Santa Clarita homes for rent should always have the "real owner", someone who is licensed with a real physical address and a name that matches their Official California identification. - Ask, it's okay and if they refuse to show it to you, then you should get a good answer or pull away.

By the way, I have been trying to figure out a "good reason" as to why a person would not want to show you their ID. If the person is a professional, I have not been able to solve that riddle. If they are scamming you, they are not going to give up their true identity.

If they are an actual "Realtor", they will have an official Realtor Card.  You can also double-check their identity against the State of California Bureau of Real Estate Records database.

At the end of the day, if something sounds too good to be true, it typically is. The best way to find out is to find the actual owner's name and their mailing address, which is available under the property address on their Title Profile Report.

I'm happy to pull Title Reports for those who are wanting to find out this information for FREE. I know why you are doing it and I want you to stay safe. However, I'm only wanting to be helpful to the actual legit people that want to rent. For you criminals, I vet everyone who wants this information.

You may want to know how these defrauders make out? They sometimes get a lot of money in the form of checks and cash. The "name" the check is made payable to is typically their own. I'd imagine they did not think it through because they are traceable once the prospective tenant finds out they were taken. They go to the PD and inform them, then the cops get their bank involved where the check was written from and the bank where the check was cashed is Identified, etc.

If the check is cashed at the point of origin, the home renters bank, there are usually forms of Identification asked for, but in some cases that policy is not adhered to.

If the person who is stating they are managing the property states the homeowners only will accept deposits in the form of cash, I'd be very skeptical if the person's true identity goes without vetting.

How to find the available Santa Clarita rentals

There are various locations one can find properties for rent and or for lease. Just be wary when it comes to giving up any personal information.

I have seen many publications, if you are into that sort of thing, at the local supermarkets and convenience stores. Most of the phone numbers that are being advertised for the apartment complexes are "lead generation" in nature.

View the Santa Clarita real estate rentals/leases

It's a third party that has some agreement with the various apartment complexes, where they will give this entity a finders' fee if they get to refer to them someone who is going to rent their place.

Therefore, the will do whatever it takes to get you to call. My suggestion is a workaround. Google the address or name of the apartment building and contact the office directly.

You would be surprised what going to the source will save you. I have booked hotels on the websites that are being advertised online as giving you the largest hotel discounts. I have then called the hotel directly and spoke with the interior reservations coordinator, only to get a much larger discount.

But this does not happen without asking, so ask!

Then you have websites. Those sites that have been built in the advertising and marketing of rental properties. These are HUGE revenue creating sites for their owners.

They get money by providing a person's private information. They will take the information you give up and they will take that and sell it to many different businesses.

Now, your phone is ringing off of the hook. You are getting bombarded by text messages. You are also being called by entities that are only giving you one ring then hanging up.

Then comes the emails. The spammers, just because you gave up your's to get "more information".

Go Local or Go Home

It's all about personal accountability. If I were in the habit of spamming my clients, or those people who had a simple real estate question, it would be bad for me and my business.

I have always been a fan of true transparency. When those folks who are looking for verifiable rentals and leases in the Santa Clarita Valley, I want to give them what they want.

I don't want to twist or mislead them. I do have a business to run and it's run on good reputation within the Santa Clarita Valley business community.

Using a local real estate website to search for multiple listing service listings is a plus. You can unsubscribe from the rental and lease listings entering your email inbox after you have been able to secure one of the listings for your very own.

What I do is make that connection possible. As I stated at the beginning of this Santa Clarita rental and lease article, I don't do any representation of tenants with rentals. I am also not a property management agent.

I only represent buyers and sellers of real estate. I'm hoping that on the day you will not forget me being of great assistance and you will use me to buy or sell real estate. Plus let everyone you know, know about me and my services in Santa Clarita real estate.

When searching on - this is my site showing all of the available rentals and properties for lease in the Santa Clarita Valley, you may find something of interest. When you do you can ask for me to give you the leasing agent's name or property management company's contact information.

This I do free of charge. I'm not going to track you or sell your personal and private information to anyone. I keep your information in my strictest of care. That's it, simple. I don't like spam any more than you do. I want to help, so hence my system for real estate search without obligation.

To register to search or not to register, that is the question

Why do I want you to register to search on - We have a huge volume of traffic due to how much content I write. It's an expensive endeavor to operate such a vastly visited website. I want to know who's visiting and what they are looking for.

All information received by me and my website are kept in my custody. It's never given to any other person, business, or anyone.

I never abuse my client's trust. I always ensure that I'm only being a quality service provider and will supply you with the information you have requested and nothing more.

If you register on a website that has no enforcement mechanism, you will have your personal and private information violated. You will then have your own phone blowing up with many inquiries about "hiring the right agent!"

ON SCVnest - you are rest assured, once you register to search, you will have access to all of the rental and lease real estate listings for the entire Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding communities in Southern California.

I don't make any direct money from helping those of you wanting to rent or lease real estate. If you come back to me or refer someone to me to buy or sell homes, I do make a profit. But nothing more.

I have been representing buyers and sellers of homes in the Santa Clarita Valley cities and in the rest of Southern California since 1998. I have been proud to have made some lifelong friends and referral sources from those I have helped and represented with their real estate needs.

I cannot wait to see what the next 20 years reveal for me and my real estate business.

When I'm out and about, I run into people that are interested in real estate, they want to know the costs of renting a home and whether the asking amount is a good deal. I tell them to look at the other rents that are currently being collected within a .5 radius.

I can provide those numbers to those of you that ask, so you have a good starting point when approaching the rental or leasing agent working for the landlord. When you come at them with some knowledge and having done your homework, you are in a much better position to get what you want at a price you can handle.

Please reach out to me when you are ready and I will be your rental and leasing guide in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to be at your service with Santa Clarita homes for rent.