Home Safety BlogTrue Dat :) If there is one thing the Drill Instructor from "Full Metal Jacket" hates, it's unlocked footlockers. However, the criminals of this world, love unlocked homes.  Even if you think you may be living in the new utopia - where nothing could happen - you may want to re-think keeping your front door unlocked.It is not from the Criminals that are working your neighborhood that you need to fear.  The ones that you should be concerned about is the "opportunity thief".  They may not be schooled in burglary - but they are looking for opportunities. They appear on your doorstep as those that are trying to finance a trip by selling stuff, or as other types of vendors.

Personally, I have been inside of my home and after a knock at the door, one which I did not answer, I heard the visitor try the lock.

Talk about surprised, I opened the door and confronted the "kid", asked why they would try the door handle to see if it was locked or not. They did not have anything to say, but they were sure that they heard someone yell "come in"....  Quick for a kid, but a smoke screen just the same.  Stay Tuned to watch more of our Santa Clarita home safety tips.