I could talk about being a police officer. What that means and many of the intricacies of that type of career. LAPD 1990-2013.

I am also able to speak about being a real estate agent. Boots on the ground version since 1998 - CALDRE #01238257.

The only reason this works and I'm taken seriously by those doing the inquiring is that I have the experience, vast experience, in both of those fields.

I did/do those jobs. I have had a chapter II in my life, being that pertains to being a full time licensed real estate agent in the Santa Clarita Valley and other locals within Southern California.

I do a lot of varied research. My ultimate goal is to be at the top of every search result as it pertains to local real estate. Everyone deserves the best real estate agent by their side throughout each and every transaction, plus before and after!

I agree with the local Santa Clarita home inspector about their being varying business models in real estate. I can direct you today to a licensed real estate agent working for a company that will discount their services by 1.5% from what I charge.

However, if you google their name, they are practically non-existent. If you research their "sold price vs. listing price" sales record you will see there is quite a separation between those two statistics, meaning inexperienced in the pricing of real estate in varying markets.

If you look at their transactional history, those numbers by no means make them a local real estate expert. There is no showing of proof in their business related to them being compared with others which are not the discount type, but who have sold homes for less than a 1% difference between listing and selling price.

Then there are those websites which tout about being to find you the best real estate agent.

The funny thing is the agents on those websites pay them, at least at some point... (maybe not as transparent as advertising purports)

Real Estate going the way of the Travel Agent analogy

He hit this one quick, inferring that real estate agents may befall the same fate as travel agents. The only thing similar is we both are known as "agents". The travel agents are not members of the Trade Organization known as "Realtor".

That's a big deal. But the much bigger deal is that we there are more than 40 general disclosures with each offer for a home, condo or town-home in Southern California.

When we used to use an agent to book travel, I did not have to put my signature or initials on lawsuit/attorney/court generated disclosures.

Try that one with a "Robo-Agent".

Negotiation about things you don't understand

There is a lot more to lose than money in a real estate transaction. What about timeframes? The entire real estate contract is about getting things done in a particular order and within a particular time frame.

If you have bad guidance or someone who is all about the discount, guide your acceptance of something that was countered or worse yet, instilled by your agent, that could become something that you are unable to recover from.

Such as accepting the seller's terms related to the time in which you have to conduct inspections. If you were to reach out to the overpriced inspector that wrote the article which was the nexus for my "quasi rebuttal", about doing an inspection in three days, he may say he was not available.

If there are differences between Santa Clarita home inspectors, which there are, and if he was the best in the business, which he isn't, then you may be putting yourself in further jeopardy. All because you went with the discount over the agent who has to be good to survive at the higher pay scale.

I'll stick to what I know best

Real Estate. Buyer and seller representation in the Santa Clarita Valley and within some of our adjoining cities. That is what I know best. Of course, I know when a lender is gouging a client. I know when a party to the transaction is not moving as fast as they should, in order to, keep the buyer and seller out of jeopardy.

Those are the things that need to be "tuned up" regarding the specific transaction by someone who has the fortitude to do so.

However, when it comes to the 'nuts and bolts' of the home inspection and the knowledge the good ones have, I'm not well versed.

I rely on the SME - subject matter experts and the knowledge attained during training, on the job, and during their own life experience.

I do look and read every item on the report they produce. I make it a point to be present during the debrief after the conclusion of the home inspection.

When the information is relayed to me and the client I take notes. Knowing there is going to be a written report prepared, I am able to vet the inspectors work to ensure what was stated is within their written report and depicted in the photos.

If the report is received and if the report lacks something that I observed or the client pointed out, that is a bad sign and should be addressed immediately with the home inspector if it's an item for concern by anyone. At one end of the spectrum, the home inspector could tell you that it's nothing to worry about. On the other hand, they may tell you it is and that they missed it. (not very reassuring!)

Discount real estate companies come and go

None have lasted and stood the test of time. RE/MAX, Century 21 and Coldwell Banker - all have stood the test of time and are the biggest in the world.

All are international and all are recognizable brands.

I'll admit I'm old fashioned in a way.

I'm not a fan of a real estate agent who does not have a brick and mortar office. I'm not a fan of a real estate agent who exists in the cloud.

I want to be able to find said agent if things go badly and if they attempt to cut all communication due to embarrassment or worse.

No one will out "Walmart - Walmart". At least not in the near future. The same can be said about Amazon.

With all of the intricacies in real estate, the multitude of decisions to be made and all the parties involved the way of the untrained, non-expert discount brokerage and discount agent are going to be the first dismissals amongst the standing real estate agents.

Currently working with all re-sale and new home clients

Have you seen what your agent is doing online? Have you google'd their name? Maybe their name and brokerage? If they are not the "main result" in the search results, they are doing it wrong.

When we google ourselves, or have our clients do it, we make up a ton of results. Here is the most recent run of my name only all in lower case: connor macivor you will see that I personally have 52,000 results for my name pertaining to me!

To be all me - that's impressive, to say the least.

We have a great radio show at HousingRadio.com that gets us a lot of top placement for Santa Clarita real estate within the search engines online.

Some of the other main channels have to do with our being the top bloggers and real estate consultants online for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Longest running Santa Clarita real estate radio show

We started when podcasting was not a thing and very expensive to store the shows. Several years ago 'online storage' had become less expensive and over time doubly so.

When it comes to real estate and the Santa Clarita real estate and housing market, we always want to keep our clients informed and safe from harm. I personally want our clients to know the answers the most frequently asked questions pertaining to real estate.

I have been syndicated on Stitcher Radio, iTunes, Soundcloud and others for a long while.

Be safe - thanks for taking the time to read my quasi-rant and I'll be here when you are ready.