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Good day to everybody. I am Connor MacGyver, Santa, create a home with re max. This is your real estate update. We are on September 11th, 2020. So let's please remember in remembrance of those people that died of that awful terrorist attack. Um, back September 11th, 2001, I believe it was anyway. So a moment of silence would definitely be appreciated. Let's talk about Santa Clarita real estate, and let's talk about what's going on in the market. We do have listings that have gone on the market here. Recently, we have 286 active for sale in all of Santa Clarita Valley. That's going to be active and Oakwood, Osei Canyon country cast a new hall, sagas Stevenson, ranch, and Valencia. So that's not very much inventory in the process. We have almost 700 units actually in escrow. So those are properties that are now in the process of being sold. Something to look out for when you are looking for real estate.

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Remember, and I talk about this on a lot of the real estate shows that we do on our YouTube channel. Also, our podcasts make sure that you're finding or seeing those coming soon listings. Some of the syndication sites don't have those because they're not allowed to publicize those before the listing goes active. So the best-case scenario is for you to hit up your local agent. If you don't have anybody please, or if you want to switch, fire them, whatever. Anyway, reach out to me. What I'll do is I'll get it set up through the multiple listing service. So you get those listings actually prior to them coming on the market when the agent sets them as coming soon. Now coming soon, the agent gets a 21 day period of time to put that listing in. You'll get the notification. In some cases you might be able to, we might be able to get it set up so you can see it early and other cases that are going to wait until this listing actually goes on the market for sale before they allow anybody to look at it.

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However, at least you're able to get all your ducks lined up and everything ready just in case. This is the one, especially with the tightness and the inventory here in Santa Clarita Valley. This is something that we're seeing, being very helpful for both of our, uh, the real estate buyers out there and also sellers that are considering listing their homes because they're looking at that competition standpoint right now, there is very little so for sellers to have to do much to their properties. Usually is the case. They don't have to do a lot to get them sold for pretty high value. But in the other case, if there happens to be more competition on the market, you as a real estate seller, seeing this new inventory coming onto the market, then you're able to make those adjustments because you're able to at least get a glimpse of what's going to be coming.

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That happens to be something that's going to be competing with your home. That might be on the market, and you might be deciding to put yours on the market. So this is kind of how we track inventory and also how we help our sellers track their competition. And simply if you do own real estate, even if you don't want to sell anything, I always recommend that you get on a drip from your local real estate professional for your exact neighborhood. So let's say you live in Valencia. Let's say you live in the summits. Let's say you live in the window mirrors. For example, if you live in the summit, you probably know what the window mirror is. It's a particular neighborhood, same style of homes by the same builder built roughly about the same time within, you know, two or three years. So if you live in one of those, even if you don't want to sell, you can get kind of a monthly statement, if you will, and find out what's right going on in your neighborhood.

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So what you would do is reach out to me and it would be able to set you up with that. So then you would see whatever list is, come on, the market for sale. And also those they get sold. And something funny. I did get read a client of mine, reached out to me last week, and say, you know what? I was talking to my neighbor, you have me on this monitoring the operating thing. My equity is like, call it. So you have me on that grip. And it's funny, you know, I was talking to my neighbor kind of over the fence in the backyard. They said, Oh yeah, the house sold. We're so happy. And they sold it for $600,000. Anyway, come to find out when it actually recorded, my clients saw it and it didn't sell for 600 sold for about 570 $575,000. So my clients kind of thought that was interesting.

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The neighbor would actually, um, kind of bend the truth a little bit. Maybe they felt bad that they might've left the property, sell for a little bit less than what it potentially could have sold for. But again, that's just the way it works. So you'll see that on these, uh, on these email updates that I put together if you happen to be home and again, to do that, you're not causing yourself to be bombarded with a lot of doubt, a lot of information be harassed by yours. Truly. I don't harass anybody, basically. It's just like your bank statement every month. You're going to see exactly what's going on in your name. You grow it and you'd be able to match it up and find that, Hey, you know, the Smiths are selling their house or this one down the corner. I don't know who lives there, but they're listing their house for sale.

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Or there happens to be a foreclosure notice of default of water. Anyway, you'll find Santa Creta home experts about Congress. Reach out to me. So let's talk about the market. Currently, the sweet spot in Santa Clarita Valley is talked about on previous shows for the Santa cradle home experts on our podcast or a YouTube video channel happens to be, it'd be the lacking inventory in the store, great Valley. And in addition to that, with the sweet spot, being somewhere between about $480,000, and of course less, if you can find it as a single-family residence, all the way up to about six 25, six 50, maybe six 75. So when a house goes on to the market, that's in that price range, that house isn't going to last very long. We also see if we breach that price range, get up in the sevens, maybe eight, it's going to be very neighborhood specific.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (05:48):

And it's going to also depend on what the house comes with. So if there's a large Melrose, it's going to cause that house to probably sit a little bit longer. If it's a pool and there's a competition that has pools, then that house that's listed that doesn't have that pool is probably going to set a little bit longer. And it's those things that people are looking for, the RV park and the RV access, the full hookups, the pools, these make properties even more special than other properties that typically they would be in competition with because properties that are located within the Santa Clarita Valley that have that RV have those full hookups, have that pool been totally redone, have that great curb appeal those properties, especially now with the lack of inventory, incredibly rare. So if you're holding something like that or anything, really getting that value and finding out where that value lies today is really, really important.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (06:38):

You can do that against Santa Greta, home to see my phone number at the top, just call me, I'll work up the comps and I'll send them to you. Now, as far as what's going on in the seller's world,


whenever a property is put on the market, it gets bombarded hard to say easy to use it. Look, it gets bombarded very quickly with showing and those all have to be scheduled. Typically I don't use any of those showing services that are offered via the multiple listing service, because I don't know what happens to your information. I give them your phone number and they call you to coordinate. I don't know what happens to it's supposed to be private and secret, not going anywhere, but I've seen strange things. I've seen listings that have canceled or been withdrawn or actually expired from the multiple listing service only to have those sellers bombarded with phone calls for the next year or two by agents that are trying to capture that listing.

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (07:33):

Even though those sellers don't want to sell, even though those sellers love the agent that they chose. I see this phone number eking out now. There's, Spokeo, there are other data-mining companies out there that you could pay for information on anybody. You've probably seen them. That could be where these, uh, different computer programs or different signup services that agents can join to be able to get more listings and more real estate information, more money and blah, blah, blah. They do offer these services. So we don't know where that's actually coming from, but I'm not going to risk it. So what I do as far as showings go, as I get those set up between myself and my seller, of course, the other agent personally, instead of using these services, because I really don't know what's going to happen to your personal private information, right?

Santa Clarita home experts real estate update (08:22):

If in fact it's different and one of these services to be able to get those showing schedule, yes, it's more cumbersome, but it gives me better control over the process. But in addition, there are also documents that have to be filled out. So if you are looking to purchase real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley, understand that your agent's going to have to not only get that appointment for you, but they're also going to have to get the information over to the other agent. And also have you sign a document talking about COVID-19 talking the pandemic, who you've been exposed to potentially yes or no. And that, you know, the risks involved with looking at properties during this particular time, this has been a very minute real estate update. We are September 11th, 2020. I am Connor McGuyver, please. For more information, you've got to go to Santa Clara, home You'll see our blog link at the top. Please click on it. You'll see a huge amount of real estate information and data talking about the market. I approach real estate. As I used to approach teaching firearms with the LAPD. I do it from an educational standpoint and I want you to be safe out there when it comes to real estate. Thanks so much for watching. I am Connor MacGyver. It is a pleasure to reach out to me when you're ready. I will be here for you and yours. Take care, be safe.