Connor Macivor:     00:00          Good. Everybody. Welcome to today's real estate radio show. I am Connor MacIvor. You can find us online housing, housing Today is our 217th episode here in 2019, and of course, we are on August 5th. Today is August 5th, 2019 and I'm very, very happy to bring you today's real estate radio show. Now let's talk about real estate inventory, and I will put that together right now so you can see it. We have a domain change, and I'm excited about that as well. So let me talk to you about that before I get into the latest inventory. Uh, currently our domain is s CV stands for Santa Clarita Valley Nest, like a bird's nest, and that's where our current area is. We're going to be switching platforms to a much faster-producing website incredibly quick, and in fact, we'll get an on Pingdom, we're going to get a rating, a sometimes a high B, but mostly an a.


Santa Clarita home experts real estate updateConnor Macivor:     01:03          It moves that quick and it's going to be Santa Clarita, home Santa Clarita, home but of course that CV Nast in any of our past domains, everything's going to work just fine. Seamless. We'll do all the three Oh one redirects and all that fancy stuff, and I will make sure that that happens and then all of the real estate data and inventory is going to be on there. We're also going to open up a Gavar feed. For those of you that don't know, that's more significant antelope valley resources for real estate on the same website because we're close enough within that 35-mile radius from dead center Santa Clarita out including CD valley. You'll be able to see all the real estate listings there and don't let the name fool you. We do get out there for our clients wherever we can still maintain an expert type status.


Connor Macivor:     01:53          Looking at real estate inventory here in the Santa Clarita Valley and vicinity, you will see that we haven't changed a lot. We've reduced a little bit over the past few weeks to 611 active listings currently on the market for Santa Clarita Valley cities. That's going to be acting through Valencia in alphabetical order. And this might not be, but it's going to be pretty close. Backed at awkward old, says Kenny country Newhall. Saugus Stevenson, Rancho Valencia. These are the cities that we're mainly active within. One of the things that came up here this last week, besides that inventories, we had a meeting of the Fed, and the Fed reduced interest rates for the first time, I believe in since it was a 2008 and that's probably not going to affect mortgage rates that much, but well, a little bit, and we'll have to keep an eye on that, but mortgage rates themselves have been trending now lately.


Connor Macivor:     02:46          Anyway, so now we're right about four, maybe a little bit less. Refinances are big business, so if you are in the process of purchasing real estate, you're going to now be pitted against those other folks that want to get out there and refinance their mortgages and get a lower interest rate and the reason why you're kind of in competition, it's basically for desk space, refinances are being done at the same time. Your regular origination, I want to buy a house type loan is being processed as well, so people are busier than they would be in a non-refi refinance type market. Those of you that are out there looking to refinance make sure you hit us up first. First stop at Santa Clarita, home I'm Connor macgyver more than happy to make that connection point for you. Concerning lending and refinance, we're not lenders, we're realtors, but at the end of the day, we do know those resources that are going to be best for you to use when it comes to refinance and don't think it's just somebody we know.


Connor Macivor:     03:48          Sometimes you can't beat those offers that are being given to you by your current Merc mortgage holder. It's just lovely to be able to kind of pit them against someone else to see if their deal that they promise you, which says on the forefront, no fees, no cost, no appraisal fee, you know cash, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All of those are actually in line and authentic, and we do that by putting that particular company into the contest with another. Now when you go online, there's a lot of systems out there say, you know, we're going to find you the best agent. We're going to find you the number one in your local market. Be Wary of that because that's a syndication system and what's happening is you look to refinance a house and then all of a sudden your personal information just got sold to 10 different lenders within a hundred-mile radius of where you live and where your home's located.


Connor Macivor:     04:48          The same thing happens folks when you're talking about real estate purchases, and you wanted to find that best real estate advisor in whatever city. When you make that inquiry, when you make that inquiry online, most of those systems besides ours, they're going to be syndication in nature, and they're going to be taking your personal information, and they're going to be selling it to a bunch of agents and different entities as well. So all of a sudden when you were pretty happy minding your own business, just wanting to find a right agent, all of a sudden now you're being bombarded. That probably doesn't stop. That goes on for a long time. We've had clients that have gone the Zillow route than they found us online. They come to us, and they're still being pestered by agents working or paying for leads from Zillow, St.


Connor Macivor:     05:40          They would truly out the other websites out there also selling personal information. Look at the local market. If you're here in Santa Clarita as southern California, we'll make the introduction. Anywhere we have a relocation, uh, part relocation arm of STV nest and Remax gateway where we know a lot of agents all across the country. We refer all the time. So I have to do is to remember my phone number, (661) 400-1720 and reach out at any time. Take great care of yourself. One of the new things that we started within the real estate community, so we were the first that started this fulltime podcast real estate radio show that we've put on housing we also started remote viewing when it comes to crash courses and seminars about real estate. I've had up to 50 people logged onto our private channel on zoom, and those people are all interacting, talking about real estate, talking about the market, the best practices and best ways to buy residential real estate here in southern California and beyond, and it's an awesome scene when you log on now what do you need to do this?


Connor Macivor:     06:56          Well, first you need the appointment so you can reach out to me and asked me what our next seminars going on and if we don't have something coming up super soon, then it will be easy for me to coordinate that same seminar with you on your turf. You can be on planet moon as long as you have an internet connection, and I'll be at my office, and we'll be able to have this particular real estate crash course happen between you, I or me, you and your family. We will sit down and let's say you're buying it with your husband. Your husband happens to be in his office at work. It's as lunchtime. You're at your office, it's your lunchtime, and maybe your dad and mom want to be in the conversation as well. It's their lunchtime or wherever they're able to log onto the system, whether you have just a phone or a computer or a laptop.


Connor Macivor:     07:43          I a tablet, iPad, you know those sorts of things. Everybody can log on. So now we're all in a group setting. We're sitting down, and I'm showing you the best ways to go about the buying of real estate process the best ways. So it's going to show you the best resources to use online. If you're a local here in the Santa Clarita Valley, I'm not referring you, and I'm working with you directly. Those systems are going to be Santa Clarita, home that's going to be the most robust platform concerning the multiple listing service here at a local level and then moving into other areas of the United States. Those agents and those connection points are more than, I'm more than happy to make those for you, but we sit, we talk about the foreclosure market, we talk about getting your best deal on a home loan, everything's confidential and you will then see after we're completed, after the show is done, after the seminars taking place, you are better than 100% more educated within the current real estate market and what steps to take next than you are currently and it's very simple.


Connor Macivor:     08:54          It's free, there's no obligation. It's going to be you and me and whomever else you want to invite. If we're doing more of a public type seminar, same platform, you can log on from your phone, and you can log on from a tablet. You don't have to be able to see this screen. It doesn't hurt though, because I do some screen sharing to show you some of these platforms I'm talking about. Stay away from, because they will steal your personal and private information. Then all of a sudden you're getting hammered half to death with spam and all these people wanting to contact you about can they serve your real estate needs. I've caught her. Mciver. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Thank you so much for listening to the transition point from SCV which that domain's still going to live forever to Santa Clarita home I hope you have a fantastic week. It is Monday the 5th of August, 2019 I will be back next Monday. Please check us out. Share the show. It's an excellent time to look into real estate isn't the best time to buy. Well, give us a call, and we'll discuss that same thing with selling. I'm Connor MacIvor. Thank you so much for checking us out. Be Safe, and we will talk to you soon. Connor with honor over and out.