If you have a corporation and are looking to relocate there are 5 things that are very necessary for you to know before taking on the Relocation Venture.Valencia Westridge in CA

  • If the city you are considering is offering any "commercial" discounts?
  • What about Tax Breaks?  (the best time to negotiate these are in person with several other irons in the fire with other cities)
  • Does the community have the infrastructure necessary to allow you to operate your local Corporation to it's fullest capable extent? (store front, desk service, and direct pick up facilities)
  • At the employee level - how many of your corporate employees are you going to be needing to move to the new venue and are they going to be moving with families in tow?
  • Skilled Labor - Are you able to draw upon the local community resources as far as skilled labor goes?
There are many other issues that you have probably already considered as far your Corporate Relocation needs are concerned.  These "other issues" will have to do with the nuts and bolts as they relate to the cost of the move, internet technologies and telephone needs.
Hitching your trailer to the Number 1 Real Estate company in the world, would not be a mistake.  Find those local REMAX Agents, in any city, that will provide you with their intel - having access to commercial realtors and "Relocation Specific" service providers.
As a "Corporate Professional", you already know that any Relocation will never be seamless.  But having those on your side that make a daily business of playing chess will give you great peace of mind.