Residential and Commercial Real Estate Services, including Short Sale Negotiation, real estate buyer representation, Foreclosure asset management, seller listing and residential homes, condo and town-home seller representation.about the paris911 team at REMAX relocation

Formed out of necessity, our start came due to our unfortunate experience with our first home buying purchase. Taken , but not defeated, we found our real estate agent of choice, missing.

After escrow closed, when problems arose that would have equated to be a HUGE monetary expense, we were being avoided and ignored by our Realtor of choice.

Being much younger, we had no where to turn. Alone in the world, Paris and I did everything in our power to get answers to the unfortunate events that had befallen us, after escrow had closed.

After a lot of tears, we were able to make a partial amends to our situation. However, the agent we chose to work with, felt protected hiding behind the curtain or vale that a large part of real estate at that time.

The feeling of powerlessness was so extreme, Paris and I obtained our real estate licenses, not only to assist us with our stressful circumstance, but to never allow anyone we knew, or came to know, go through the same "Real Estate agent in absentia" as ourselves and our family did.

Stemming from Law Enforcement backgrounds, the protective quality of our Newly formed Paris911 Real Estate team seemed simple natural.

Our core belief that "no one goes in alone", when it comes to making or selling the largest investment of your life, has been a blessing to us and our Exclusive Clientele.