We were cops - Enjoy our Santa Clarita systemsThe local housing market reports have been compiled by myself and our Paris 911 team at RE/MAX of Valencia California.

We always work on the housing market reports at the beginning of the week, then we compile the PDFs, into files so we can then publicize them to our real estate clients.

On this page happens to be most of these housing market reports for the Santa Clarita Valley cities and they are going to indicate that the market is starting to flatten out.

Some of the PDF style reports are showing that the individual city markets, are actually reducing, in some cases.

We do post our daily shows for real estate, for each one of the Santa Clarita Valley cities, on our main website.

Our daily updates are indicative of the market activity that is occurring, currently, in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is the ability to give our clients that updated information quickly and without any effort on their part.

Each one of the systems that we have put in place to not require you to register or give up any of your personal information.

We have also built subscription modules to assist you in getting the bimonthly news directly from the Paris 911 team at RE/MAX of Valencia California.

You can see that entrance point at Paris911.com, you can punch in your email address into it, and you will only get updated every two weeks when we produce our real estate update show.

For the daily feed of the daily market activity within the Santa Clarita Valley and greater Los Angeles areas, you can of course punch the word daily into the MacBox at Paris911.com.

Once you do that and you'll see each one of our daily entries with the latest that we have produced being first on the list.

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