If you run this keyword phrase, Santa Clarita Best Agents or Best realtors in Santa Clarita Valley yelp is there with the results.

The issue is that we have over 50 yelp reviews that are currently filtered. They tell me because I have called a lot, that those are because they are smart and the Yelp Filter algorithm program caught them.

However, when I look at the reviews, these are actually real estate clients of ours that gave us the time to report on the job we did.

Currently, at 59 filtered reviews, Yelp has non-approved reviews for the Best Santa Clarita agents

These are all five-star reviews from actual clients. If you want to know who is who and to get a call back from any of the clients to validate their real story, let me know which review it is and I'll make it happen.

The YELP rules pertaining to those who dare

Yelp wants yelpers. Those loyal to their brand. They don't want the "one-fer" type of person. That will only go on their platform because they want to be nice to those whom they used and whom they thought their service was amazing.

Some people trust Yelp and only use their platform when wanting to hire a service provider or buy a particular product.

Others, don't.

Yelp has been kind to us because while we have a couple of reviews that are not from people directly working with Paris or I or our team which are horrible, our 5-star ratings overwhelm the error-filled reviews.

Also, to be totally upfront, Yelp has removed some of the "not us" reviews as well after I have inquired and let them know about the error.

It's the "filtered reviews" that have been hidden from public consumption that bother me. Let's be honest. Paris911 and my MacIvor real estate business would be the number 1 result on Yelp for Santa Clarita real estate agents.

Santa Clarita home experts on target real estate consultationFor the BEST Santa Clarita real estate agents we would be at the top of the yelp feed, just underneath the ad spaces.

Ah, well - one can dream. For now, we will continue to give the best service to our real estate clients. We will continue to take the time with each one individually or with those they have in tow to teach them the best way to approach real estate.

If they are a home buyer or buyers, we sit down with them and explain the entire process from getting approved for a loan and who the best lenders are to use to what happens when the air conditioner goes out 2 months after they have moved in.

Our meetings were popular and necessary before other agents caught on. But today, people are moving so fast and agents are wanting to build these "mega teams" so quickly they have started to abandon the real estate consultation meeting.

And that is good for me because I will never abandon it. No matter where technology has us in the next 20 years. (Ghost in the Shell - etc).

Remaining the best in Santa Clarita real estate

I write about the real estate and housing market. I get the data from the source, the local Boards of Realtors multiple listing service. 

I can compare that data with the historical data and let our clients know where the market is and where it's headed with a lot of accuracy.

It's during my reading time about the housing market and the dissemination to those who I call and who call me where I solidify my position in being the Santa Clarita home expert.

When I was with the LAPD and when I taught firearms, the instructors could not get away with just talking the recruits through the scenarios. The instructors had to perform at an instructor level. We had to show them how to do it and then have them do it themselves. So, as you can imagine, we had to perform at such a high and refined level as to amaze, creating shock and awe, to earn creditability with each recruit.

Not all the recruits were fresh out of college with beer still on their breath and with healing Fraternity tattoos. Some had spent a lot of time in special forces, in war and had the medals and abilities to validate their history.

To earn the respect of those who know nothing is easy. To earn the respect of those who are at the top of the same game is hard. It's to those recruits that we had to perform at an ultra-high level so as to have them come aboard to the LAPD way of doing things.

And there you have me going off on a tangent. When you are ready to embark on a real estate journey in the Santa Clarita Valley, my number is at the top of this page. Just reach out to me and I will make it happen for you and yours.

Referrals to the BEST Santa Clarita realtors

We have a lot of traffic on our Santa Clarita home experts' website that comes from those just curious about real estate or those who are searching for their friends and family.

A word to those people. Feel confident in referring your friends and family. Come with your friends and family to our Real Estate consultation course held in our offices. Sit by them and see if what we are saying is the truth about how real estate should be approached and handled.

Potentially, you have already bought a home and possibly sold as well. You may not want to do any real estate transaction. However, you know someone that does.

Come with them. That will make them feel comfortable. I have sat in my offices with many young adults who had their "hardcore" parents present who had bought and sold real estate back in the day.

Those are the best real estate consultations I have ever had because the truth and lies are still the same, but the advancement in technology and in construction methods are not.

I'm happy to be at your service. Just call me to interview me over the phone. If you agree that I'm worth giving an hour of your time to then pick up the phone and call, or schedule a time for your Santa Clarita real estate consultation on my calendar

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