Homes that are being sold in Santa Clarita and Valencia CA come from two sources.

Real Estate resale and New Homebuilders.

Santa Clarita and Valencia real estate resale

Buying a home that is being sold, which is not new, has a new standard. Homes that are for sale are easy to find. But hard to buy. You can see by doing a simple internet search for homes for sale in any city, you will see that you will get mega returns.

Santa Clarita home search

27,000,000 - results for my Google Search for Homes for Sale in Santa Clarita. That's a bunch. So, I deduce that finding homes for sale is not a problem.

The only issue is the websites you are going to find at the top of Google in the "paid" spaces. Also, the top of the results pages is filled with real estate syndication websites. They get paid tons of money if you give up who you are when searching with their systems. As a result of you giving up who you are, you get tons of phone calls and more emails. Your personal real estate search habits are recorded and your monitored during every step of your home search.

We have established that searching is now easier than ever. You may run into listings that are fake on some of these websites. That is when you need to contact us, or your realtor, and ask them what's up with those when you find them. My clients text me or call me on the phone when they find something that appears suspicious.

Recently, there is was a client of mine that found an FSBO, For Sale by Owner, property listed online. It was located in Sylmar and priced about 300k under market value.

I called the number on the ad, no callback, but I did get a text message which asked what I wanted. I explained I had a Deputy Client, 20% down that wants to view the property and potentially make an offer.

I received a text back stating, "I'm not interested."

I replied, "What do you mean? You won't let my client view the home and potentially write an offer?"

No response, I tried a few more times and still no response. I called and the Voice Mail was full. That, I explained to my client, that is one of those "fake" listings.

Writing a winning offer

A seasoned Realtor will be able to do this for you. FYI, not all agents are the same, choose wisely.

Along with the offer your agent will be scribing, may include some sacrificing by the home buyer to sweeten the deal for the seller, not including price.

  • Reducing inspection timeframes
  • Reducing the escrow time period
  • Buyer offering additional days for the seller to move out

There are other items which the buyer can reduce or grant to the seller. Each will depend on the buyer's specific circumstances and the home being written on.

The home buyer can also incorporate a Love Letter to accompany the purchase contract. This is a truly important step for a buyer that wants to win the multiple offer situation.

Let me mention the relationship between the agent you have chosen and the agent on the other side of the transaction. The seller's agent may owe your agent a favor. This happens more often than you may expect. Your agent may have a reputation for bringing solid buyers to the negotiation table. Your agent may be one that uses a Top Real Estate lender known to always outperform any other. Your agent may have a stellar reputation amongst local real estate agents. Again, not all real estate agents are created equal. Some agents have horrible reputations amongst their peers, choose wisely.

New Homes in Santa Clarita and Valencia

To some, this is the second choice, to other Santa Clarita and Valencia CA home buyers there is no other but NEW.

We have been representing our clients at the New Home and New Builder communities since our start in real estate. That was 1998.

If you go to the new home center and view the models and give up any identifying factors:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number

If you give up those items, even giving it up to be placed on an innocent interest list, you have just given up your right to have your own Realtor who will be on your side 100%. The builder has their own real estate agent, you need your very own as well.

Depending on the number of potential phase releases and the number the builder is selling currently, you may have struck gold. Of course, the overall performance of the new home's building equity will depend on the overall real estate market.

However, in a stable real estate market, new homes can be a good bet.

Another thing that I ask when representing my clients at any new home center are

  • How many other phases are left?
  • How much have the past phases increased?
  • How often does corporate issue a revised price sheet?
  • Are there any properties that look shaky, which may fall out where we may buy at a discounted price?
  • HOA - amount and potential to increase?
  • Mello roos - if so how much and what is the termination date?

These are just a few examples of my Agent to Agent banter when representing my clients at New Housing or at any of the New home construction sites within Valencia and Santa Clarita Valley.


I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia. I want to work for you as your real estate consultant and real estate representative. Reach out to me when you are ready and be super safe.