Relocation thoughts - SFV to Ventura

Top Santa Clarita realtor relocation expertYou have decided that you want to move, not too far, but let's say from SFV / Santa Clarita Valley to Ventura. You just want to get closer to the beach because of your peace-seeking mission.

I get that more than you know.

Here are some considerations by a real estate expert, a title I have achieved since representing home buyers, sellers, and relocatees since 1998. 

There are certain "adjustments" that I have heard from my clients that they tell me they wish they would have investigated.

Location of infrastructure - shopping, groceries, the 7-11 or mini market that is open past 2 am, etc.. I know covid is something that has shut down a lot of eateries, but knowing what is available where you are going would be a plus when things open up again. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this Santa Clarita home experts article, all is back to normal!

If you need a refill on a prescription or to get something to calm a fever, you may want to find out the closest 24-hour pharmacy - those are harder to find than most things, but I'd give it a shot.

Besides getting educated in the local real estate market and then finding out the market where you are going to be buying, I am covering some of the "necessary" self-education that most relo folks miss.

How about the cops? Who is the local law enforcement and who is the EMS provided by? 

In some jurisdictions, the fire department sticks with fire and hazardous spills alone. They do very little in the way of ambulance, emergency medical service(EMS), service. In fact, in some cities there was a big push to only allow privatization of the EMS, so you will see different ambulance services, etc - it may be good to know going in what the city you are interested has as its the default.

Personally, being I was a cop for so long, I love it when the Fire Department runs the EMS. It makes me happy to have them show up when my family calls 911 after I have broken my ribs after falling off a ladder while hanging Christmas decorations at the top of a 15' Christmas tree. (never again folks :) )

Once they found out I was a retired cop, one of the FireFighters brought me a Christmas ornament while I was getting x-rayed and just smiled. (love the humor and miss it greatly).

They even had one of the emergency room doctors in on it and while he was showing me the ribs that were fractured, one of the x-rays had a shadow of an ornament, the doctor stating he sees the problem... So funny.

Hence, finding out who is going to respond to your emergency is critical.

Now, to the police services. Does the city where you are relocating hire the county sheriff and their people to be the local law enforcement? Or does the city have its own police department? 

Most sheriff's do a great job - especially in So. California. Here in the Santa Clarita Valley, we have the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department. They are hard-chargers and make the Santa Clarita Valley the 13th safest big city in the United States.

Unfortunately, I have heard a lot more bad stories about "the local sheriff", being an elected official with very little oversight, not helping the folks that need it most. Make sure you do your research

If they have an actual police department, those seem to work best, with few exceptions.

Something else the local law enforcement will help with, as far as your move, will be where you are moving to.

Your real estate agent, even me as a retired cop, is unable to talk crime and demographics if you are interested. That is something that a local "beat" cop or their detective squad can help with.

You call the police station and telling them you are moving from Santa Clarita CA to Ventura CA and you want to know how the neighborhood nearby ________________ and _________________ is.

You will find the expert and they won't sugar coat it. They will give it to you real. There may be a methadone clinic around the corner from the home you are buying. Not that people getting help and recovering from heroin are bad, they are not all. But, it would be nice to know.

They will be able to give you more information, besides what you will find out by searching google and some of the "crime statistics" apps.  

Be sure to ask about Megan's Law - registered sex offenders, sometimes having a home where one lived can create issues for the new owner.

Also, If you have a registered sex offender living in close proximity, it may make it harder to sell your home in the future. And of course, there are your personal feelings, concerns, etc about that, just please consider these things.

As we get closer to the beach, there are varying city codes and ordinances that will differ from where you are moving from.

For example in Los Angeles County, there are particular retrofit standards your home, which the one that I'm going to sell will need to be updated with. This will require a "retrofit" certification by a company that does that sort of thing.

In the city where you are moving, they will have their own standards and may require those owners to bring some system in their home up to a particular level before you take possession of their home.

In some cases, these are missed by the powers that be and the cost can then become a court issue, you suing someone else or visa versa. 

Knowing the requirements is what separates those Realtors who just want an easy paycheck, not being concerned with who they hurt in the process, versus those who do their homework daily and learn by doing.

Now that you have been brought up to speed about some of the infrastructure concerns about relocating, you will want to see what the differences are between the locality where you are having me sell your home and the home you will have me represent you in buying.

I do my best to write green articles, and in some cases, I nail it. But when I speak about market trends, those change from day to day in some cases. For example, if the interest rates jumped two points in a single day, that would send shock waves in any current market. The same goes for those rates if they reduced by the same 2% in a single day.

Moving from Santa Clarita Valley is different from moving from the San Fernando Valley. For example, in Santa Clarita, we don't have the same retrofit standards as we encounter when selling San Fernando or Los Angeles City properties.

Also, you will want your real estate professional to give you the down-low on the market. Both where you are moving from and where you are moving to.

It will most likely be that the Los Angeles Market is going to be hottest - this should be of no surprise to you. LA is always hot, even in the foreclosure market back in 2007 - it was hot.

Hence, most moves from Los Angeles are going to have your home being sold faster than what will be reflected by the days on the market time frame of the city you are moving to.

In most cases, where you are going to be moving will be "less active" than Los Angeles. It will potentially take longer to sell homes, the seller's maybe more obliged to help with repairs and credits where you are going and you may find that the price will be more negotiable.

Another item of concern for you is exploring how you will sell your home through us? Are you going to sell, get free and then rent or stay at a friend's home while we are looking for the "right home" for you to buy?

Maybe you are going to take advantage of a market, if Los Angeles is HOT, then selling and waiting may be appropriate if possible. It may be that the current market is at the top of a cycle with local factors holding back inventory that will spring out making the market be less competitive, causing a correction or dip in home prices.

Getting your home ready for sale and what will be required will most always depend on the competition. There are few things that you will get back dollar for dollar if you modify your current residence to sell for the most.

The current inventory and current buyer drive will determine what will be required for you to get top dollar for your home.

These tips and recommendations, education if you will, are only the top 1/2 of the iceberg. There are other things that I discuss with my clients who are relocating or selling/buying or moving in any way.

I'm Connor MacIvor and please check out my real estate radio show. You can find me on YouTube, just search for Santa Clarita home experts radio.

When you are ready I will be here for you. I'm as transparent as they come - if it weren't for those five vanity pounds I put on last Christmas, I'd be even more transparent :)