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The prices are flat in some of the Cities within the Santa Clarita Valley. We have also seen a constrictive inventory and the local Santa Clarita real estate market continues to frustrate even the most patient Santa Clarita real estate buyers.

It seems that the job of the Local Real Estate agent is becoming more about Damage Control with their clients. Some agents are saying they have a "secret weapon" when they do not. We have had some of our buyers leave for what appeared to be "greener pastures" only to come back to us days later.

Find a GREAT local Santa Clarita real estate agent and stick by their side. If they are communicating with you, showing you inventory as it comes available, sending letters on your behalf to those listings that have had notice of defaults filed on them - but are not on the market, and able to get you into properties that are of the "pre-marketing" variety, that's a agent you want to continue to retain.

We have had some concerns voiced as of late on our Social Networks by other Agent's real estate clients. Here are some examples.

Betty wanted to know if it was unusual for their real estate agent to tell them to write higher than the list price on a home for sale in Valencia CA. The home was listed at 600K and their agent told them that if they wanted the home they would have to write at least an offer for $620,000.00.

Here are a few questions I would have first. Is the agent that you are using the listing agent of the property? If so - that could be a ploy to get more money for their seller and take advantage of the "dual agency" standards and rules set forth in the "agency disclosure". That is why we are big advocates of real estate buyers seeking their own representatives when it comes to buying real estate and not teaming up with the listing agents. read more about using listing agents

Another question is whether or not their agent knows the listing agent and if their agent communicated this opinion because the listing agent told their agent that this was the case. If this is true, it may be an attempt for the listing agent to be a "home run hitter" in the view of their sellers. Or it could be a ploy for the "buyers representative" to play a "solid" to the listing agent.

Finally - what did they say about appraisal and that contingency? If they are requiring you to waive your appraisal contingency, when they are not asking anyone else to do the same, I'd be cautious.

What type of real estate market is it currently? Is inventory slim to none? Is the current real estate market in a full sellers market profile? If that is the case - going above list price is not unusual. The waiving of Appraisal Contingencies is not strange either. Both scenarios are very typical in a constrictive Santa Clairta real estate where buyers are plentiful and sellers are rare. Find out how the current Santa Clarita real estate market is.

In order for Betty to navigate these real estate waters, she is going to need to ask her agents advice and ask them the right questions. "Why" is a great place to start. If you are uncomfortable or if you find it difficult to ask your chosen real estate representative questions because they are too overbearing or have too strong a personality - you may want to move on.

You are buying something that takes a loan with a 30 year term, to finance. That is by no means something to be taken lightly. Buying a Santa Clarita home, condo or a town-home should be something that is researched as should the real estate agent you are going to hire to represent you. Click here to check out the Santa Clarita real estate blog

Here are some of the most prevalent Santa Clarita real estate search phrases. After you search with these in Google or Bing - you can then form a list of those agents or teams that you are going to want to set up interviews with. Just make sure you separate the wheat(real local agents) from the chaff(the real estate syndication websites - such as zillow, trulia and realtor dot com). In this way you are going to be dealing with Local real estate agents who are viewed by the Major Search Engines to be Experts in Santa Clarita real estate. What is the deal with Real Estate syndication websites anyway?