dining in Santa Clarita CA

H0w does your Santa Clarita kitchen stack up?  Do you have room for a piano player and large curtain? :)

We don't either, but we do get it when we walk through homes with our buyers and pay strict attention to the words they happen to utter or things that they point out to our Santa Clarita buyers agents.

Counter Space if a Biggie - Granite is also a biggie - Stainless Steel appliances are also alive and well on the "desired" lists.

Here are some more tips with regard to you being Savvy Santa Clarita Valley real estate owners and the things you can tackle in your very own kitchen to increase the appeal from real estate buyers.

Remodeling the kitchen in your home should involve adding storage when possible. Space to store plates, cutlery, kitchen gadgets, spices, food, glasses and more is of the essence. Trends for kitchens this year include adding islands, choosing color, painting cabinetry, utilizing modern hardware, and adding storage. (BTW - if you happen to know any local SCV resources for this type of "paid for service" leave them in the comments below)

Storage can come in the form of shelving and cabinets, sometime finding new homes in a newly installed island above and below appliances, or in newly created space. Drawers come with a variety of partitions and dividers that enable separating bowls, plates and more. In addition, pantries are an added bonus, a great place for food items as well as appliances that are used less frequently.

The important thing is to keep storage off the counters as a clutter-free kitchen environment is more streamlined and appealing. Trends come and trends go but one thing that stands the test of time is storage. The more storage available in your kitchen the more appealing it is to potential buyers down the road.

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