best_service_comes_at_a_priceI have always wanted to use the word "amuck" in writing.  I have now done it twice, and I can cross that off of my bucket list.

REMAX of Valencia CA holds their real estate agents to high standards.

They require any Realtor that wants to Join at REMAX of Valencia to be seasoned.  Have a closing history and having references.

With regard to real estate offices this is rare.  And it causes most Savvy Remax Realtor to not run Amuck - Ha - three times!!!

The is one of the many reasons why The Paris911 Team calls REMAX of Valencia Their home.

Here is the latest market update we have completed for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  You can check out our Slideshare presentation that gives you the intel that most First Time and Savvy Santa Clarita real estate buyers need.

It also contains the information that most Santa Clarita Real Estate sellers should have.

If you want to see the Video - you can check out our Bi Weekly Newsletter that was just sent out to our Santa Clarita real estate clients.

It's loaded with information that will assist you in making the best decisions you can about any Residential Real Estate dealings.