Depending on when you were born, will depend on your familiarity with the phone book.  I remember using the phone books at pay phones very often as I was driving around in my youth.  Now that I said pay phones - they are becoming a thing of the past as well :-)

Life seemed to be more simpler - and calling someone back had to wait until that person arrived home unless you were able to catch them at work.

I remember my mom having a melt down because I had called "Directory Assistance" too many times and they charged $1.10 every time you called.  That was the "lazy way" or what you would use if the business or person you were attempting to locate was outside of the reach of your phone book.  Fact, at 12 years old, I did not have too many Businesses that I needed to call outside of my "phone book's" coverage area :-)

Toll Free numbers were better, if a business had one of those, you could call (toll free) directory assistance and get their phone number at no cost.

Today, I find that I am googling a lot for phone numbers.  I will enter things like "Flair Cleaners, Santa Clarita" and google gives me the phone number on my phone, which I can click to dial.

I usually add those phone numbers to my contact list after using the google phone number search feature a few times with the same inquiry.

What about calling local Real Estate companies?  When looking on line for real estate phone numbers, you are going to want to make sure the number you are calling is a actual company and not a "tech savvy" real estate agent.  That is unless you are looking for a Tech Savvy Realtor!

The times of differentiation between phone numbers ending in Zero's being the business lines are no more.  My Cell and Paris' Cellular phones end in zero's.

With regard to today and the advent of cellular phones - we have our office lines ported into our cellular phones.  We have our Google Voice re-routed into our Cellular Phones.  We also have our Skype re-routed into our cell phones.  We are always available on our Cell phones to answer questions and to speak with clients and other Real Estate Agents.

REMAX of Santa Clarita's phone number is 661-400-1720 - REMAX of Valencia CA's phone number is 661-400-3680

We have also implemented the "push to talk" feature on all of our websites - simply - push to call our team and we will take great care of you, here is the intel below: