With all of the writing we do about Renting and how to keep safe in this and any market when someone decided to rent - this is very "timely".

We now have a Local Santa Clarita Rental Company that represents the Clients of the Paris911 Team - If you are a person, couple, familyRenting in Santa Clarita etc. that has been searching for a property to rent - We now have the Santa Clarita Rental world in check - We will be able to give you the assistance you deserve without you being bind-ed to something you don't want.

If you are looking to rent a home, rent a condo, rent a townhome in the Santa Clarita Valley - or Elsewhere in the United States of America - We have just opened up our REMAX rental  - Santa Clarita property management referral portal below.

This map will show all of the rentals and leases in Southern California that are Multiple Listing service based. Double click with your left mouse button to zoom in closer to an area you desire. Double click with your right mouse button to zoom back out. To move the map hold down the left mouse button to hold down the map and to move it to and fro.

Simply fill out the form and you will be well taken care of without hassle, without risk, and without pressure.  This is the best Property management and Leasing outfit in the nation and the Paris911 Team is proud to refer business to them these great leasing agents and management companies in Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

If you have been following our Real Estate Team for any time at all - you will have known that both Paris and I have been in a quandary about where to refer our Buyers that want to rent for the time being, our sellers that don't want to sell their homes now, and those that we have yet to solidify a relationship with - wanting to either rent or obtain a property management representative.  In every case our names and reputation is on the line - so we did so very carefully.  But always throwing caution to the wind - Now we can finally BREATHE!!!

If you are a Property Owner and you have a property you have been wanting to Leased out and have managed - We have that resource with REMAX as well please click here for that page.

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