Contemplating Relocation to a new job or to a different city can be a bit overwhelming. That was one of the reasons we have built the search platforms for our relocation clients that will do several things.

They are updated several times per hour so you are not viewing sold inventory.

They are "all" available listings, so you are not looking at "doctored lists", showing only the most expensive listings that earn the agents the most in commissions.

They are also "local" search systems to fit within our Remax relocation model for all of southern California and where we are headquartered, in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Meetings are mandatory with all of our clients at our offices. We chose a long time ago never to cheapen the experience as it relates to the largest investment of our clients lives.

Be safe. This is a iPhone shot of our paris911.com Santa Clarita Real Estate search engine working. The "radial" search function is featured.