There was a time when we did nothing on-line.  In fact, when we first started real estate back in 1998, to input a listing into the MLS at the local Board of Realtors, you need 19 bucks and a sheet that was filled out with all of the information about the property you are going to put on the market for sale.

Those were the days, and there were so many "mistakes" and less of an enforcement arm to real estate. Today, the game has changed and you cannot get away with "tricking the system" within the local multiple listing service.

However, the sites that most people should be watching out for are not those of the local Santa Clarita real estate agents but the syndication websites.  While some of the syndication websites are about "keeping it real" and not about giving bad information in order to steal your personal and private information, some are.

Be careful, reach out to our Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia California to assist you with your real estate needs.