What is a short sale?  A short sale is an event in real estate where there is a difference between what the seller owes to their bank(s) and what their property is worth.  In a negative way of course.

real estate websiteWith REMAX, The Paris911 Team has had some incredible training opportunities and has even built a committed short sale team to handle our Sellers Short Sales in and around the Los Angeles Metro Area.

Of course, including in the Cities that we have our REMAX offices located - Santa Clarita Valley CA.

There comes a time when the short sale sellers of the world need to take a moment before they select a real estate agent to assist them and ask about their company.

"What is thae agent's back up?"

While I was with the LAPD as a police officer for all those years, Back up was something that was incredibly important to every single beat cop in the world.  If we got pressed into a situation, became involved in a knock down and drag out fight with a perp, or had a violator become aggressive and combative, it was very nice and comforting hearing sirens in the distance coming code 3 to our location.