When it comes to friendships - there is nothing like doing business with a friend that potentially drive a "huge" wedge between what was and what will be.

REMAX agents in Valencia CAHowever, if your real estate friend, packs the gear to serve in the trenches of real estate, it could be the best decision that you could make when dealing with what could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

REMAX of Valencia CA Agents with the Paris911 Team turn clients into Friends.  If they weren't our friends before - they have become our friends now.

They call us for advice, around the fringes of what real estate is.  They ask us to dinner, as we do them, and we share our families events as they do theirs.

However, working with a friend in real estate, unlike in my examples, is not always the best case scenario for you.

Sometimes, friends are only working in real estate part time. Maybe they are those that you work with at your job and they "happen to have their real estate license".  The having a "real estate license" does not a good agent make (yoda-esque)...

Sometimes, your aunt or uncle have "dabbled" in real estate and your mom or dad think it's a good idea to give them a chance at your business.  However, "dabbled" is not a worthy representative in today's real estate market.  There is way too much riding on your real estate decisions to have someone that is not FULL time in the business and Successful to Boot!

Be safe - let The Paris911 Team of Real Estate professionals at REMAX of Valencia know when you are ready to move with your home selling or buying plans.