When you are thinking of Real Estate - there is only one source you should be considering - The Source that is the largest in the nation.  Making sure that you are well protected when it comes to Real Estate.  Not all REMAX Real Estate teams are created equal, however.  You will want to find  out the differentiation points between the teams that you interview to represent you as a buyer and or seller in real estate.  We have been with REMAX of Santa Clarita since the beginning.  Although, we might not agree with all of their practices - We are hard core REMAX Real Estate agents.  The good events definitely outweigh the bad - Bar None.  We have also branded ourselves personally - as the Paris911 Team.. Representing Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate.  We function well within the REMAX business model.  We also know that those predators out in the world know that REMAX has big pockets.  However, with the powerhouse attorney's behind REMAX, we have been successful in thwarting off any attacker - no matter how trivial.  Representing our Sellers and Buyers within the Santa Clarita Real Estate venue is much easier when you have such a powerful brand to stand behind.  We are happy to present these REMAX logo's for you to see and take advantage of.  We are HQ'd in the Santa Clarita Valley - Which is just north of Los Angeles City.  We are about Client Representation adn the relationship that we are able to build when it comes to our REMAX logo and Brand.