When it comes to real estate companies - there is one that is so far at the top, the others pale in comparison.  Not only did they receive the JD power award for BEST customer Service - They are known globally.

Within our Santa Clarita Valley, the number 1 real estate company is RE/MAX.  Number 1 in production, Number 1 in sales, Number 1 in Listings and Number 1 in office square footage(I'm guessin' on this one)... :-)

When you Google or run REMAX of Santa Clarita or REMAX of Valencia CA in another Search Engine, the result is our Local REMAX offices Website.

If you are from out of town, you are probably searching for REMAX when wanting to relocate.

Looking to sell a home - REMAX promotional sites, brand exposure and top sales professionals across this Globe is attractive to you wanting to get the best bang for your buck.

So, as the title states, REMAX Gets my team and I in the door.

We show charts, graphs, statistics, and the like to prove the points above about REMAX.  But, then we talk about our Paris911 Team of Realtor Associates.

Paris and I started The Paris911 Team securely founded on Law Enforcement Officials and assisting them with their home hunting and sales needs. We also had a "Why" that we have not forgotten and still mandate all of our Team Members to live by if they want to remain in our employ.

When we purchased our first home in the mid 1990's - We were completely railroaded by the one who was supposed to be representing Paris and I.  It got very ugly before it was made right. However, the damage was done.  We were so distraught that we became motivated to want to switch professions, and with a passion, help others buy and sell real estate without fear from the "predatory real estate agent".

It did not stop there - we also watch the lending arm of the real estate transaction to ensure that Lenders are playing a fair game.  As with Escrow, Title, Termite, home inspection, etc...

Our "Why", is to Protect and Serve all of our real estate clientele.  Ensuring that no one is "thrown under the bus" on our watch.  Being straight with our clients and explaining everything about the process, before - during and after!

So, the door may be opened by being Realtor Associates of the Number 1 REMAX office, however - The Paris911 team closes, locks, secures and set's a 24/7/365 armed team of ninjas with guns to keep watch over your ASSets...