It never ceases to amaze me that people that are searching on the Internet get misled on an almost minute by minute basis.

however, case in point was yesterday where a gentleman had e-mailed me about some rental listings he had found in Huntington Beach California. It seems that these rental listings were not actually for rent. These listings were put together by some shyster in the real estate world in order to capture someone's personal information.

Come to find out, when I had contacted the actual agents that have these particular, for sale only, listings, they were shocked and in awe that someone would do this.

As I explained to these real estate professionals, selling information obtained from the Internet has become very big business. In fact, I'm shocked that more people aren't out there, via trick or device, having people give up their personal and sensitive information.

What I told the gentleman that e-mailed me, upon calling him back, was that I could get him rental listings in Huntington Beach California. I also explained to him that Paris and myself do not do any rental or lease representation in Huntington Beach, or even where we are headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley.

He was shocked that I was helping him. Which in of itself is quite interesting. It seems no one helps and especially when there's no money in it.

I built him his own page for Huntington beach real estate rentals in California. We have made this Mac box friendly and you can see it for yourself by going to our main Santa Clarita real estate website at Paris

When you get to our main Santa Clarita website, punch into the Mac box, the words Huntington Beach rentals.

That is it for today's Remax relocation update for the Paris 911 team. Remember, buying real estate should never be taken lightly. You should always get the best representative you can possibly find.

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