Yesterday, we had the pleasure of working with Yoti - a local Santa Clarita Photographer that has a lot of wisdom contained within his person as handed down from his grandparents. He was a true blessing to interview and we wish him many years of "photogenic" service to his Friends, family and clients.

You have to ask yourself, when looking on line at the photos of real estate agents, who is the "real agent". Is this a photo depicting a time in the agent's past? Is this a High school or a college photo that was taken 30+ years ago - that was airbrushed back then? Then the truth strikes. You enter the agent's office that you have seen on-line or in a news paper for Santa Clarita real estate. You think their mother or Father is going to be selling you a home. This could not be the agent you saw in the local rag.

But guess what, it is. A word from Yoti to Real Estate agents, whether working in the real estate relocation field or not, keep your photo updated. It is a very subtle thing, not having an accurate photo. In fact, I had no idea how "subtle" it was.

However, according to Yoti, it could be viewed as being "dishonest" by the consumer seeking the Santa Clarita Realtor or the relocation expert's service. "If they expected someone else - their subconscious remembers the photo and looks at the situation as if they were mislead..." For a Salesperson - this is a Bad Thing.

At the time, we were recording our Santa Clarita podcast, I could not help but wonder if that is the reason more agent's don't keep their photos updated or shoot video's of themselves. Not that they want to be misleading, but because they don't know how the public views them not having an updated photograph.

I had an idea that people have issues when things are revealed and are not as they appeared. I also know that trust is something that gets developed over time between a real estate agent and their client. In fact, it is something that should not be taken lightly. We have had more clients happy with the fact we did not rush them into some real estate deal, a deal they would have eventually regretted, only to tell them they should not move forward.

I think that if most sales people embraced this concept - the world would be a better place. In fact, I think that sales people would, most likely, remove that "negative world view" most people have of the "Sales professional". Thanks to Yoti for coming onto our Santa Clarita real estate Radio show - You can listen to the show by clicking on our Santa Clarita radio show link.

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