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There are some that have "relocation accounts" in the Santa Clarita Valley. That is the same as being blessed with an REO, Real Estate Owned, account. Where leads of those wanting to relocate to or from the Santa Clarita Valley, are sent to those particular agent. The agents pay for the leads or pay when the escrow closes. They typically pay a certain pre determined "fee" back to the lead's source.

Those leads can come from a variety of sources. It can be, as in with big business, that they have a HR - human relations department that coordinates the moves of their Top Level Executives. The COO, CEO, and CMO's etc...

There are also businesses - Relocation Networks, that have been built on the "referral system". If an agent agree's to pay a part of their commission back to the "relocation site", they will send them the lead. Lead in this article is the person or persons that are wanting to relocate.

Either way, Relocation is something an agent has to learn. It is something that has to be discovered, experienced and practiced. Our Santa Clarita relocation clients come from many different walks of life.

Some are from those "three lettered" initials that I spoke of earlier. They are having everything done for them with regard to the purchase and sale, whether above market value, below market value etc, are fee's all being picked up by their company. It could be that their home is over valued. The difference will be paid by their company. It could be that the home they are buying is over FMV and the appraisal contingencies were asked to be removed - that can be another circumstance where their company is paying the difference.

Either way - no matter what the scenario - the client has the final say so as with what agent or real estate team they are going to be working with. It may be that the agent's that are working with your companies HR department are poor. It could also be that the agents that pay for leads via some of those on-line relocation portals are poorer still.

The other type of relocator, to and from our Santa Clarita Valley, are just the "regular joe". They need to sell home somewhere else to move into our valley. It can also be a case of someone wanting to move within our valley to switch school districts, to move up or to downsize. Any Move to anywhere from anywhere should be considered as a "relocation".

When a real estate agent builds their business to serve all of those that are wanting to do anything with regard to "real estate", they become very well rounded. They are able to speak from many different avenues and points when it comes to advising their clients.

One final note - Relocation clients want results. It may be that a Relocation client has a certain time frame that needs to be attended to. They may need to sell their home in the shortest time possible and also close escrow concurrently with the home they are relocating to. It may be that they have to be picked up at the airport and only given 5 hours to view, choose and write on a home that is on the market for sale.

That is when the agent that they are working with makes all of the difference in the world. In a real estaste market where we have excessive inventory - this type of "procurement" of real estate is not a problem. However, when you have a constrictive real estate inventory - this can poise itself as an almost insurmountable obstacle for agents not skilled in corporate relocation or otherwise.

Choose wisely horsefly - be safe and let The Paris911 Team know if we can help you. If you want to find the best Santa Clarita relocation agents - go to Google and type in the most used keywords with regard to searching for Relocation agents.

Here are some examples. Santa Clarita relocation, REMAX Relocation, Relocating to Santa Clarita CA. That should help you pick a few and set up some interviews. I'd interview at least three, if that cannot be done in person - at least do it over the phone.