Days on market timeframes are important when wanting to purchase real estate and looking for the best deal that can be found.

In fact, we use the Days on market statistics to glean "seller motivation".

Valencia CA real estate for sale

However, those stats need to be balanced with the recent price reductions.

Look to the actual FMV on the real estate - FMV - Fair Market Value. The FMV will give you where your offer should be on the home that is for sale. If the property has been on the market for a while, if there have not been any price reductions, and if the subject property is not in as good of shape as the others that have "sold", offering less than list price may do you an advantage.

Click here to see what you should be offering on a specific home for sale.

Look to the local Santa Clarita real estate experts and they will guide you on your way to be owners of real estate.

Make sure you are interviewing more than one agent or agent team. Sit down with them and see if they are truly the best fit for your relocation needs. And remember what the Paris911 says about Relocation.

"Any more in real estate needs to be considered a Relocation, and should be handled professionally as such..." -The Paris911 Team