Back in 1989, I was a student at Eastern New Mexico University. I pledged SAE and was doing homework in the campus student union. There was a bowling alley downstairs - if memory serves.

I was young - 20. Ah, I was not even sore unless I wanted to be, working out too much, and what ever other collegiate activities caused soreness. :)

While at the campus student union, I was watching one of the "Red Dot Matrix" type ticker tape news screens. It was up on the wall and it was working well. There was news, weather, both on a local and country wide scale.The Paris911 Real estate team at REMAX

At this time, while going to college - I was working at Roosevelt County Sheriff's Department. I did not keep in touch with anyone, but have a few people that I have missed from that time.

Across the Digital news streamer it was displayed, "LAPD Now Hiring........... Starting Salary $38,000 to $42,000 - Call Today - Must be 21 years of age by the time of Academy Graduation..........."

That was it, the bulb went off, that is what I had been waiting for. I went back to my home town, flew out to Los Angeles, Tested with others that were from out of state, went back to my home town, continued at the Sheriff's Department, then I could not wait for the Green LIght from Los Angeles, I packed all of my stuff in my car and headed west.

Sounds like a movie. While I was in no position to buy a home, I wish I would have had more guidance when I got here. It would have been nice to not have stumbled so much. But, you know what they say, that which does not kill us, makes us stronger... (Nietzsche i think...) I am thankful for the experiences and God having delivered me from all harm.

While with the LAPD those 17 years, I encountered others that had been cops and deputies from their birth places, wanting to relocate to Southern California to be police and sheriff's. We have set a few systems in place to assist Law Enforcement with that type of move. You could say we have a "VESTED" interest in helping :)