Top Santa Clarita real estate agent Connor MacivorLet's face it. Real Estate agents are trying hard to be at the top of the game. They want to be your first phone call or internet inquiry.

However, there are websites, massive publically traded companies that are now getting those leads (your personal information) and selling it to real estate agents.

The real estate model has changed.

Back in 1998, when I first became a Realtor, we had real estate signs on our listings. The people driving by would call, I'd answer and help them. Most of those "callers" were very willing to work with the agent on the sign, so it was a win/win.

Years later the internet blew up, AOL and Yahoo real estate were huge. Then the more clever entered the real estate lead procurement business.

Zillow and Trulia grew and grew. Zillow bought Trulia and they are the biggest lead re-sellers in the world related to real estate and mortgages.

Then something happened. The agents, instead of thinking of themselves being sold out, joined. Zillow and Trulia definitely build a bigger and better mousetrap. However, that mousetrap is trapping agents. Some real estate agents pay tens of thousands of dollars a month to get the leads from their listings. For that matter, leads from other agents listings.

Registration NOT required

No sign in needed for Santa Clarita home expert searchReal Estate advertisement is all about Return on Investment (ROI), how much is spent and the monetization of the return.

In some cases, advertising does not pay off. In other cases it does.

There are still FREE ways for agents to be at the top of the lead generation engine.

The best, first and foremost way is to be a face to face type of real estate agent. 

Be the one that introduces themselves as being the Top Realtor and pass along their card to you.

The agents with good memories for faces and names also rule the world on the ground.

At the Santa Clarita home experts, I have taken it upon myself to not force registration to search for homes.

The big sites don't and they don't even have the complete listing data.

They fall short. So why would I want anyone who is coming to the Santa Clarita home experts not to be able to search without giving up who they are?

I would not!

Reasons for registration abound

An online searcher can have a short memory. Maybe they are searching for a Valencia home with a swimming pool. They see that we are on the first page of the search results, outside of the google advertisers. They click on our website, Santa Clarita home experts, and see the article that I had written regarding homes in Valencia with swimming pools. They click on the link to view the current real estate listings in Valencia CA with swimming pools and they get interrupted.

On the Santa Clarita home experts website, there is no forced registration for this user. They come back to conduct their search again and click on some other website.

Did I lose? Maybe - but if they are paying attention, they will be back to listen to our real estate radio show and to use our Santa Clarita blog resource website.

Still, my face to face meeting and handshake are really the trump card.

Discounts online for Santa Clarita home buyers and sellers

You may have read that there are certain websites that give discounts when home buyers buy and when home sellers sell. That is the case on many of the "real estate" referral websites.

They say they will give a certain percentage of what is being made by their "preferred" realtor back to those who are using them for their loan.

How generous. But, why would that be?

When I was a cop, there were certain establishments that did not charge us for coffee, donuts or other items. I always refused. I knew that if my path crossed with one of these people in a professional manner, and if I were needing to arrest them or cite them for something, it'd be much more difficult to do so If I had been a "taker" of their free items.

Real Estate has been no different. What is there is a real estate agent working as the lenders "preferred" real estate agent? That agent is taking the "leads" from that lender. They are making money from that lender. They are not likely to point out that the particular lender is railroading their client in fees.

What I have found from my experience, and I'm sure you have seen this in life also, it's hard to bite the hand that is feeding you.

So hence the reason we have severed our relationships with these mortgage brokers. credit unions and other lending entities that want access to our home buyer database.

A team in place to give our home buyers and seller the best deal

Santa Clarita home experts search discountsIf you contact me, you are working with me, Connor MacIvor. However, I am not a one-person band. There are other "official" entities in the real estate process.

There are Santa Clarita - Valencia home inspectors - We have a crew that gives our clients a discount off of home inspection services.

There is going to be a Santa Clarita or Valencia pest control inspection - which is paid by the home buyer - which will identify wood destroying organisms - Plus other issues. We have a discount in place with our home pest control providers.

Santa Clarita escrow companies - We are going to need to find out who the seller has chosen. In some cases, the home sellers have been instructed by their realtors to choose a certain escrow company. Not because of a discount mind you, but because those agents know how the escrow company performs. In most cases, it's a comfort thing. We have companies that give our home sellers discounts on escrow fees. We also attempt to get the escrow company for the home buyer, but that is more difficult. Not impossible, but harder to pull off!

Title Officers and Title company discounts. There is not much fudge room for Title Companies. However, we do our best to have our's give our home buyers and home sellers discounts on their services.

Check out this Santa Clarita home buyer and seller rebate program article

At the end of the day, you want to have the best real estate representative that is available. Those who are at the top of their game are going to give you several advantages.

1. They are going to get the intel on listings before those listings hit the market for sale.

2. They are going to know what you will need to watch out when it comes to buying real estate in the (       fill in the blank      ) Neighborhood.

3. They will know the locations of Mello roos, extra insurance premiums and things that some want to steer clear of.

4. These agents will be able to get you a better deal on your new mortgage than even credit unions and other lenders can manage to obtain.

5. Discounts on services pertaining to your purchase by the vendors that will be involved in the transaction, due to the volume of business that they guarantee from your choice of Realtor.

Difference on Santa Clarita home experts search versus...

This is a local real estate website. I'm a local agent CALDRE 01238257. I am able to have the actual MLS feed directly represented and updated on my Santa Clarita home expert's website.

In this way, to search on the Santa Clarita home experts site versus one of the mega real estate websites is going to be the matter of updating.

I'm not trying to sell all 50 states. I'm only interested in the Greater Los Angeles Areas, and more pointedly the Santa Clarita Valley, where we live and have the lions share of our real estate business located.

Here is something else that you will find awesome. I am not going to give up any of your personal or private information to anyone. 

I'm not a real estate syndication website. I'm a local Realtor that wants you to do business with me.

When you are ready, I want you to work with me so I can help guide you to the best possible real estate scenario.

The layout of the Santa Clarita home experts MLS, multiple listing service, the website is easily navigated. It's set up with Los Angeles County for the home search and has all three property types checked. Single Family homes - attached and detached, condos and townhomes.

The price range is easily entered. Followed by the area, if you want a sub-city in Los Angeles of one of the sub-cities in the Santa Clarita Valley such as The Valencia Summit, you can choose that here.

I added bedrooms and bathrooms and then you hit the search button and see the results of all the real live MLS listings that are currently on the market for sale where you are interested.

The map search is one of our most used features. After you enter your criteria, you can select the mapping feature on the Santa Clarita home experts' MLS search website. Just click on the tab titled "interactive map" and you will see the property listings in the Valencia Summit for example on the left side of the screen. On the right side, making up more than 3/4 of the space is the map. If you click on a bubble it brings the home photos into view on the main screen and pig ears the listing with a darker shading so you see where it appears on the list.

Here is the thing, when you are ready for my assistance or to get listings directly from the source data that meets your needs, then all you have to do is register on my Santa Clarita home experts website.

You can do this by clicking on the little person which is located at the top of the page to the right.

All you have to do is enter your information if you already have an account. Or you can click on the highlighted text "click here to sign up."

I'm Connor with HONOR and I have been representing both home buyers and sellers in the Santa Clarita - Valencia and Greater Los Angeles areas since 1998. Call me when you are ready and I'll take great care of you!