Rebates for home buyers buying real estate in Santa Clarita Valley.

I figured that if most agents are paying for their leads via Zillow and Trulia, why pay them when the home buyers can benefit from us paying them to utilize our Real Estate services in the Santa Clarita Valley?

Of course, this comes at a cost, but most leads, except those by referral, come at a cost.

Putting this information out there for the Santa Clarita home buyers is a game changer. While we have a multitude of referral business, home buyers can benefit further from using the MacIvor and associates team to buy real estate locally.

There is something to be said about a top producing team that is well regarded (5 Star 40+ ratings on yelp) who is willing to give back to their home buyers when they use them to buy real estate in Santa Clarita Valley.

Back in the day real estate brokerages hated and even sanctioned those agents who advertised that they were willing to help home buyers out.

Now other brokerages make tons of money in the process. Brokerages such as Redfin charge agents to be a part of their referral engine, but only rebate back to the home buyer less than the percentage we give our home buyers.

Agents pay Zillow and Trulia for leads, but why not give that money to the home buyers to help them close better and save money.

There are better mechanisms than giving big money syndication websites money for leads. Why not offer the real estate buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley part of our commission in order to utilize our team.

Are we worth it without the rebates? Absolutely - we are very influential in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

However, this is something that we are doing in order to help our Santa Clarita home buyers.

OMT - I'm certain that I will be called onto the carpet for this offering. I'll keep you posted and we will be here when you are ready to buy Santa Clarita real estate, resale and those new homes in the SCV.

A point that you need to know in order to utilize our team and obtain the rebates we offer.

You cannot have a real estate agent that you are currently working with.

You cannot have signed a Buyer Broker agreement with another agent or have one that is currently in force.

You cannot have signed anything or left any of your personal information at a new home center, new builder community or at an open house.

If you are outside of those "cant's" that I have listed - we are good to go to accept you working with my Top Producing Santa Clarita real estate team.

Fill out the form at the beginning of this post and I will contact you personally to get your real estate needs WON!