Where are prices today?  What has happened to the current real estate prices in the Santa Clarita valley cities?  They are continuing to increase - however, not in every single city.

Some have declined - but most have either stayed the same, from the preceding week, or have flatlined.

We do foreclosure alerts for Santa Clarita Valley CitiesEither way - you need to keep in the know when it comes to pricing trends for real estate in and around the Greater Los Angeles Area including the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

When I'm putting data together like this, I cannot help to remember when we were "taken, almost to the cleaners" when we had bought our first home.

The thing that really drives the point home was that I was supposed to be an expert at lie detection.  Heck, I was an LAPD DUI squad motor cop.  When we pulled over a violator for the suspicion of driving while intoxicated, we expected to hear "two beers" when they would respond to our inquiry about "how much have they had to drink...".

I had never expected it to reveal itself when buying a home, from the real estate agent we choose to represent us with the largest purchase of our lives.

Back in the day, there were no other types of loans but the 20% down conventional.  We had our parents involved to assist Paris and I with the down payment.  They were nice to contribute to help - which we paid back what was borrowed and then some :)

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