Local real estate agents have the intel on most moving companies.  When you are ready, and if you are within the Santa Clarita Valley - reach out to our team.  We know local moving companies - as we know local lenders, pest control people, title officers, escrow agents, etc....

Point being, you will want to connect with a local real estate agent, one of the top producing ones, to gather any intel or get any referrals for the local "real estate vendors".

santa clarita realtors have jokesI remember, when we moved in 2001 - while we had been in real estate, it had only been a few years at that point.  We had a couple of moving companies that we knew of - but we did not like them very much, so we did not refer them out.

I started looking on-line - while there was not much, in the way of moving companies on-line, there were a few.  I made some calls and was tricked into using a "non brick and mortar" moving company. I say tricked because the man that showed up had rented a truck and hired 2 people that were standing in front of Home Depot about 1 hour before he arrived on scene.

I'll tell you that my experience was horrible, and we had thousands of dollars in damage that was not found out until the days following the move.  They ended late when we were exhausted - we did our "walk around" and inspection - did not see much of anything pertaining to damage - all was well in the world, until our discoveries of more damage and downright neglect during the next few weeks.

Needless to say, if our movers had been local, I could have bought a sign, painted it and started pacing back and forth in front of their moving company.  In this case - I had nothing.  I did not even have an address of the "lead generation" company - Apparently they had caller ID.  After I called they quit taking my calls - I called from every phone I had and they shut me down - cold.

I will tell you that Real Estate syndication companies are the same way. They don't cost you thousand of dollars in damage to your furniture.  But, they can cause you thousands of dollars in stress, from selling your personal and private information to dozens of hungry real estate agents.  The other thing - they are not "accountable".  They are not the ones that are going to represent you - it's the agent that is paying for your lead that will be.

If someone takes the time and expense on getting their own name and brand, such as a realtor, on the top of the search engines, they must be productive.  They must be doing it right.  If they are on page one within the organic results - you have probably found a winner.

Be safe - search well and let us know how we can help you.